3 Enermax SpineRex Chassis Up for Grabs

Liking the look of this one, the watercooling cutouts and the modular drive cages I really like.
I like the flip open design for those bays. Finally looks like someone got a winning design for removing those covers from the front instead of having to poke them out from behind.
I really like the style, but even more the filters! I have been thinking about upgrading my HAF 922 just because I'm tired of cleaning it monthly.
I like lots of room for cable management.

I would also like it if the product page had larger pictures as well as pictures showing how much room there actually is for cable management.
The modular drive bays and cable management options appeal to me the most, with the fan filters and easy to remove panels/top coming second.
Ok Kyle, The best feature on this case is being able to change the color of the fans. Perfect for letting people know the mood you're in. If a family member walks into my cave and see's red fans (stay away he's pissed )...all blue ( come on in )...blue and red ( be careful ) lol.
It seems there are many things to like on the case. Filters, various color choices, HD rails, etc. Personally my favorite thing is the chance to get one free.
Most of the features are easily found on my other cases, but I love the cutout idea on the MB tray. That will make cable management and HSF swapping so much easier.
Cutouts on M/B tray for quick CPU cooler maintenance and neat cable management
Looks like something Ellen Ripley should be beating on get to work before the alien reaches her.
In short...I like the overall look of it.
I like the space to work in the case and route cables. My current case is falling apart and frustratingly tight.
I like best the Full drive bay design and modular HDD cages for utmost flexibility and scalability.
Dust filters for side monster fan, and meshed bay covers would be my choice as fav...
Reminds me of my Coolermaster full tower case. Only the power and USB controls look a but more convenient. I'd love to try out this case! :cool:
The HDD or SSD bays are a cool feature, but like a bunch of others have already said, DUST COVERS!