3 Enermax SpineRex Chassis Up for Grabs

Love the top slide for more air flow along with easier CPU cooler installation makes this a very overclocking friendly case. Very nice!
I like the top slide and smart release.
I'm always swapping stuff around and need quick access...
"Flip-open design for quick system maintenance"

- looks like an interesting design idea
Honestly, the top slide cover. I need better air flow REALLY badly. Seriously, its like a vacuum in space in my current case
Easy, The Enermax part! But if I must narrow it down, where to start; Dust filters, cutouts, size, modular cages... and so on.
I would have to say its a toss-up. I like the modular drive cage but. I also like the dust reduction system... My coumputer always seems to be sucking up dust... Maybe ill have to move to liquid cooling if I win this.
I would have to say the top slide cover to cover or expose the top mounted fans. I currently have a HAF 922 case and have had a few close calls with things dropping into the top fan which would in turn give me a VERYYY bad day!
Everything is nifty but I love the snap-in screws for expansion cards.
I like the looks could maybe make a good case for my HTPC that Im looking to start building soon and or nice home server.
I like the fan layout, mesh look and buttons on the top along with i/o ports. I always have my case on the floor.
Dust filters, without a doubt. I live in Texas, have zero carpet in the house, wife sweeps and mops every day and we STILL have dust problems. I clean the filters on my PC once a month and wish the wife had filters on hers.
Cutouts on M/B tray for quick CPU cooler maintenance
Thumbscrews for add-on cards installation
Dust filters for side monster fan, and meshed bay covers
and it looks cool
I've always like the full mesh fronts on cases. It's clean and modern, not overly flashy.
Having seperate control over fan lights will help when the in-laws are spending the night in the spare bedroom where the computer sits!
Where to begin...

How about how easy this case appears to make all accessability?