3 Enermax SpineRex Chassis Up for Grabs

I like all the possibilities that come with this case, lots of space for hdds, more than 2 spots for water cooling hoses.
The Flip Open <-> Smart Release caught my eye. I like tool-less and simple addition & removal of components whenever possible.

It comes ready for water cooling, and the dust filters are nice.

I've worked on so many cases that have a nice dust filter on the front, but they leave the side intake without a filter and the inside gets to be a mess. It's so much easier to just take off the filters and vacuum them off than trying to clean around inside a case.
The Thumb Screws for addin cards. Wish all case makers did this for all cases. Would make swapping cards out way easier.
I like how easily accessible this case is; it's especially nice for someone who adds/removes components to their PC quite often. :)
I like the cable management possibilities and the thumbscrews to hold in any add-on cards; I also like the size of the case.
I'm liking all these new cases with the rubber grometed openings for, in this case, water cooling, and in others for cable routing.
This is a nice case, no doubt about it...
These days though, good air flow, simple In & out are almost expected...

For me, the bonus feature of the case is the place to set my keys, wallet, USB stick, change, guitar picks etc on the top-front of the chassis. Great use of otherwise wasted space :)
Since I'm not in the contiguous US, if I win HardOCP can donate the case or keep it for their lab to use.

The feature I like is the amount of cooling possible with the case
i like the manufacturer. i find that i often have to use a chassis before I can really come to a good/bad conclusion.
The smart release and flip open options make it easier to install and remove items from the case. Plus the modular drive bays are always a plus.
Enermax is giving three lucky HardForum members a chance to experience its new SpineRex Chassis.

Full drive bay design and modular HDD cages for utmost flexibility and scalability
Top slide cover functions either as air flow adjustment or dust shield
Independent light controls for front and side color-changeable fans
Bottom mounted PSU slot with rubber stands and dust filter supports two orientations
Dust filters for side monster fan, and meshed bay covers
4 openings with rubber grommets for water cooling system
Easy installation:
Flip-open design for quick system maintenance
Quick release bay covers
Rails for both ODD and HDD installation
Cutouts on M/B tray for quick CPU cooler maintenance and neat cable management
Thumbscrews for add-on cards installation
Supreme cooling performance:
Front 2x12cm Blue/Red combo-LED VEGAS fans
Side 1x25cm Blue/Red combo-LED fan with LED & speed control
Top 2x14/12cm exhaust fan (optional)
Rear 1x12cm exhaust fan (optional)

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Available for shipping to contiguous North America only.