27 IPS photos and games (which Eizo)


Nov 7, 2016
Hi all http://m.**********************.com/sfp/images/design/usr/smilies/smile.gif

I have one big dilemma. I want a new high-performance PC assembly taking good monitor that would be best for editing images (I shoot with 6D and 7DmII mainly in sRGB and presentation on the Web) but was fairly good at my second hobby which is the gaming http://m.**********************.com/sfp/images/design/usr/smilies/smile.gif and here comes problem. I have three candidates -

Eizo ColorEdge CX271 - Probably the most amazing choice regarding the photos. As far as playing the big unknown because I have not read anywhere what are the experiences with input Lage. If the image suffers from ghosts ,, ,, necessary when playing FPS like Battlefield

Eizo Foris FS2735 - Game peak in terms of speed but the question of how much good on photos. SRGB coverage - 99.2% Adobe RGB - 77.1%.

EcoView Eizo EV2750 - Such CatDog: D Great design, reportedly bearable response to play and in terms of colors and respectable sRGB - 98.8% Adobe RGB ??%

In calibrating your monitor power I not know and do not know how much they are a great addition to calibrate CX271. Eizo probe EX3 still get one. Till now I used Eizo Foris sRGB FS 2332 - 96% and uncalibrated. So you profit from very much. In addition to the CX 271 are other two displays in Adobe RGB mode probably unusable (although squeezing but who knows what will happen in the future). About money no problem. My budget is +-1200,- euro. The main thing is to meet both demands both speed and quality color.

I will be grateful for any advice or type Thank you


Nov 21, 2014
Eizo has been introducing quite a few new displays recently. For image editing, you might find CS2730 / CG2730 interesting, those are the followup to CS2420 / CG2420, but in 27". You should make up your own mind about CS2420 / CS2730, but CG2420 features IPS-Pro panels with 1:1200 contrast ratio as measured by Prad.de and that should hold for CG2730 as well.

They are not readily available, but some vendors on geizhals list availability in days, so I presume at least CS2730 should be available soon. About 1050 euros for a CS2730, and 1600 for a CG2730. Unfortunately, according to a post on liftgammagain, CG2730 has been delayed until February on account of "performance issues", though I have no idea what those may be. I've been holding out for the IPS-Pro panels to show up in 27" and 32" sizes (CG318 already features them, but way out of budget for me) and I just found about this, so it's slightly disappointing.

I would presume either of them should lag a bit less than CX271 for games (simpler LUT), but you should be able to get an idea ffom Prad.de's reviews for both 2420 models.