25% Off Orders at FrozenCPU for President's Day


Fully [H]
Apr 10, 2003
Seems that FrozenCPU is running a 25% off all orders over $100 for President's Day. The code to use at checkout is "presidents".

In honor of president's day we are issuing a 25% off coupon on all in stock purchases over $100 dollars from Friday 2/16/2018 until midnight Monday 2/19/2018. Use coupon code “presidents” during checkout.
I love Modmymods.com They are ex frozencpu employees
I like PerformancePCs.com too but their shipping seemed a bit on the high side. And yes, their website is a sloooow cluster-fuck of a mess. Has been for a while.

The code to use at checkout is "presidents".

What's the current promo code for hookers and blow?
I wondered what happened to Mark.

Glad to see his business made it. LOL.
Caveat Emptor

I would source my parts directly from Moldova before I gave Mark Friga, Jr. a single dollar.

Years ago while I was still very much active in the modding community and Mark was operating out of his apartment, I ordered some stuff from him and picked it up. I dont remember the exact conversation, but after a short talk about the community, i left his apartment never wanting to do business with him again. He was greedy and talked very poorly about his customers (to one of his customers picking up merchandise).

A while later, i found out someone I knew was working for him. The work environment described seemed to match my early assessment of Mark.
Interesting to read all these comments about FrozenCPU.

Guess I got lucky, as I have made multiple purchases over the years and never had a problem. I will add that outside of several Dimastech bench purchases, the rest were for smaller items such as cabling, heat sink retention brackets, etc.

I miss having all the smaller / niche online retailers that used to be in business years ago but I can only imagine how difficult it would be to operate them profitably. With the pace at which technology changes, maintaining an inventory that doesn't go obsolete on you, all the while trying to compete against Amazon & Newegg, couldn't be easy.