212 EVO on AM4 - Wrong Orientation


Jan 20, 2011
I built a Ryzen 1700X-based PC about a month ago, and the only compatible cooler I could get locally was a CoolerMaster 212 EVO. The AM4 bracket it came with looked very much like an afterthought, was difficult to install, and forced me to install the cooler in the vertical orientation (see pics, don't laugh - this is serious! haha).

I've been busy with work, so haven't had time to try out any games until now. Now that I have, I've found that games run fine, but the whole case gets mighty toasty after a few minutes; looks like the CoolerMaster is blessing the CPU with hot air its pulling from the graphics card!

Is there a more sensible bracket / kit available for this cooler that fixes the orientation? If not, any recommended coolers that are oriented correctly on AM4? I'll just import it from the States, so anything on Amazon is fine (cannot do Newegg)... I don't bother with overclocking etc.


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for the life of me i couldn't find your thread pgaster after i remembered seeing it a week or so ago, was going to post it here earlier, thanks for reposting it.
Thanks pgaster, but the top of my block doesn't look like those in the video, so I don't think it's compatible. The top of mine is finned, like in this video:

(he's got the same problem, it's oriented vertically, but he doesn't mention it in the vid)
Here's a pic of mine.


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Sorry for the post spam, but I've just realised I actually have the "Hyper 212 LED" version, which has that finned block:

I do have the new version, which has the slits, as per this post:

It also says:
2. Will I have mechanical interference when I use AM4 upgrade kit?
If you have issues, you can adjust the orientation of the upgrade kit depending on your motherboard layout.
Note that oversized RAM might run into the AM4 upgrade kit.

I wasn't able to see a way of changing the orientation though - anyone have any experience with this?
I see the problem now. Yeah, that sucks. I read the manual and don't see a way to change the orientation by 90 degrees, and there is no extra bracket for that model, so you are stuck with what you have.
You could try putting the fan on top, blowing down, but that might not be any better. If you had a case with fan openings on top then it would help since it could pull air in from the top, but it doesn't sound like you have a case like that or you would't be complaining of heat.
Maybe at this point it's best to buy a new heatsink to replace that one. I know it sucks, but you don't have much for options. Sure, you could get a new case so that heat could escape the top, but a new heatsink is cheaper.
I thought that may be the case, but it was worth a shot. Odd that the CoolerMaster's Hyper 212 range has so many variants with differing blocks / brackets and whatnot.

My case does actually have 2 spaces at the top for 120mm fans, so I may give that a go, but I was hoping to avoid turning it into a hair dryer noise-wise.

Thanks for your help anyway. :)
The Coolermaster Hyper T4 also has the same problem - shows up as compatible but can't be clocked horizontally either.