2019 BOINC Pentathlon

Yeah, I'm feeling a little bit salty over here. Was here until 1230 this morning getting a bunch of systems online in hopes of helping our team. However, with the piss poor payout, and the slow as fucking hell validation, it seems to have been a waste of time.

State: All (20771) · In progress (9871) · Validation pending (10561) · Validation inconclusive (0) · Valid(331)
Just keep at it. The validator is behind but making progress. The more you crunch the more that gets validated in theory when it catches up. We are doing good and can still move up a bit.
Yep, seconded. After I posted my comment I had over 2000 validate in just a couple minutes.
Let’s hope we can keep that for the last 17 hours

In Discord, there was some discussion by Phoenicis and a few others to allow TAAT to succeed as a thank you for them helping us for the first time and guaranteeing the Silver in Einstein. They feel it continues to strengthen our ties with TAAT for future cooperation in events. The arguments were that they sacrificed a great deal on Einstein so we owed them. Though it was brought up long before that we had helped them multiple times in the past without a return. Realistically, if the team had supported itself from the get go in unison, there would be a very strong possibility that we would be in third this year in the over all event. At least in my opinion. Basically, the team was divided and continues to be so in hopes to mimic the same games XS has been playing. There is even talks of the team sitting out the Pentathlon next year and supporting TAAT to go head to head with XS, SUSA, TSBT, & whomever else they recruit next year.
But then I think we better merge the teams directly ... at least it would make it clear.
and it also seems this forum dried out ... and I can’t stand Discord (but yes, that is my personal issue)

Very disappointed

That happens to be some of the discussion going on in Discord. I don't know how much has been discussed on the side in PM's and to members of TAAT. There has been talk of people feeling that with the forums being all that is left of H, that the team would naturally run dry of support and fresh blood. If the team is jumping ship, I would rather it to be disolved with a last major win like the Pentathlon next year. However, I have a feeling we won't get everyone on either team on board with switching to the H flag for it. More discussion on going forward will continue I'm sure. But I agree, this is all very sad.
My personal opinion is switching during contest is wrong because you are manipulating the standings. It did seem to work out in both teams favor in some ways.
Switching before and doing the whole thing is fine in my books.
One take away i saw this year is our communication and the way we each sort of went and did our little part worked out really well this year.
That said, if you did switch I aint mad at ya because whatever, do what you want with your kit, just keep crunching.