2018 Pentathlon Recruitment Rate


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Dec 27, 2015
Looking at some of the other teams participating, they are actively recruiting folks. Here is the list as of today by searching the NF@home website. If you click any of the user, most, if not all just joined on Apr 30.

Watch out for Planet 3DNow!. Over the past 24 hours, they recruited 34 new folks to the NF@home project.

[H]ard|OCP: 4
SetiGermany: 8
SetiUSA: 4
Overclock.net: 2
L'Alliance Francophone: 2
Czech National Team: 6
BOINC Italy: 4
Rechenkraft.net: 13
Team China: 11
Planet 3DNow!: 34. WTF!!!


Team AnandTech: 2
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Planet 3DNow! just added 6 more crunchers making it a total of 40. Each of this cruncher is going to bring him/her at least a single rig to this run. Some have more.

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They have a slightly bigger pool of team members to wake up...lol. I would say this would be a good starting goal for Skillz
Doing my best to recruit at work for the marathon portion. So far i have 4 more peeps who said they would do it but we will see if they follow through
Little late for this year, but someone who is on both should start poaching from OCN.

Fucking forum will give your browser dire aids since the buyout, good time to see if some want a new home
I've tried to hit up a few of their members. They're too loyal.
I respect loyalty...

However OCN owners and the website itself has went out whoring, and the members are still sitting there all "but I luuuuv her!!"