20 year old [H] photoshopped image I found on an old HDD.


Feb 19, 2001
I wish I knew who made this! Just thought you guys might like to see it. lol

Kyle had that as his profile banner (at least until very recently). Very 2k style haha
I remember this from when I first joined!
Glad I'm not the only ePackrat I still have old files from my second PC (1998 or so! AMD K6/2 266MHZ that I tried to OC to 333MHZ but it would crash) some were zipped and other Rar (with a bootleg copy of WinRar)

I have been using 7Zip for years now!

Anyway I still have a bunch of old [H]Ocp wallpapers one is an old one showing members "selfies" before that even became a 'thing'

I'm also a real Packrat but computer files take up no physical space other then the drives themselves!