1TB for 29 Cents a GB and Free Far Cry 5


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May 18, 1997
If you are looking for a bit of new storage for our box, Amazon has a smoking deal on the Samsung 860 EVO 1TB drive that brings it in at 29 cents a GB. While that is a great deal for a great drive, Samsung is throwing in a free copy of Far Cry 5 for the next couple of days as well. You can check out our Far Cry 5 Video Card Performance Review as well. You likely will not even need a new GPU to run it with high IQ settings.

Free Far Cry 5 PC Game code with eligible Samsung SSD Purchase (Buy select 1TB, 2TB, or 4TB Samsung drives). Valid 3/4/2018 - 4/28/2018, while supplies last.
Is there a m.2 NVME option?

Yes. 960 Evo M.2 1TB or larger, and 960 Pro 512GB or larger are on the list (see link posted above by CrazyRob).

MU-PA1T0B/AM - T5 portable 1TB
MU-PA2T0B/AM - T5 portable 2TB

MZ-V6P512BW - 960 Pro M.2 NVMe 512GB
MZ-V6P1T0BW - 960 Pro M.2 NVMe 1TB
MZ-V6P2T0BW - 960 Pro M.2 NVMe 2TB

MZ-V6E1T0BW - 960 EVO M.2 NVMe 1TB

MZ-76P1T0BW - 860 Pro 2.5" SATA 1TB
MZ-76P2T0BW - 860 Pro 2.5" SATA 2TB
MZ-76P4T0BW - 860 Pro 2.5" SATA 4TB

MZ-76E1T0B/AM - 860 EVO 2.5" SATA 1TB
MZ-76E2T0B/AM - 860 EVO 2.5" SATA 2TB
MZ-76E4T0B/AM - 860 EVO 2.5" SATA 4TB

MZ-N6E1T0BW - 860 EVO M.2 SATA 1TB
MZ-N6E2T0BW - 860 EVO M.2 SATA 2TB
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Amazon will send you the code if you buy from them. I bought a 1tb 960 EVO last week and got my code once the drive arrived. No worries.
With an asterisk next to in today's market. I bought a 1TB EVO for $250 a year or so ago. But the prices on these drives haven't been going down.

It's actually $28 cents a GB right now, as the price is currently $279.99
Wouldn't mind an un needed FC5 code... but it's no big because I haven't really played the previous ones. Game didn't strike me but I have been digging origins and want to give it a shot based on that alone.
Thanks Kyle for the heads up. Can't afford it right now but still a good deal for a Samsung 1tb or 2tb($429 from their site).
dam think i paid that much for my 240gb (compared to 1TB now) way back when....lol really could use this:)

Yeah, no shit. I remember dropping $220 on a 128GB Samsung 830 when I build my system...Ivy Bridge just released.
I'm so tired, I was thinking "29 bucks sounds like a pretty good deal!" lol.

By tired, I mean dumb.
FYI - in the UK, it seems the 500gb version of the 860 evo is included - and can be had for £125 off amazon (linked direct off samsungs offer page)...

Would have pulled the trigger on it, if it wasnt for the fact that on Amazon sale days the 500gb 860evo dropped down to £100ish anyway
Not quite as good, but western digital nvme 500gb drives are 34¢/gb right now.
yeah samsung emailed me a code since i bought a m2 drive.

Dont know what to do with it though, the code.
44$ for import fees into Canada? That's a big nope. It's even worse that they are charging 5$ more than the typical conversion from USD to CAD on Amazon.ca.