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Dec 27, 2015
This is for GoofyxGrid first team to reach 1B milestone and have our team name permanently engraved in the GxG free-dc stat website. I'll try to post this regularly on our status.

Based on yesterday output, we are scheduled to reach 1B on Nov 5th while PDW (OCuK) will hit this target earlier on Nov 4th.


For those interested to help our team, see GxG guides here: https://hardforum.com/threads/goofyxgrid-multi-client-setup.1924298/. This project is a NCI (non-CPU intensive).
I'll park my TR2 multithread tests as the machines clear out the work. Should be able to get to over 9000 instances once I reach peak monkeys.
So do I. Upgrade to the next tier so you can!
well...right now it isn't even data limits but stability issues..... Once that is sorted, I am gonna check into an upgrade a bit more.
Wait, I thought they already sent a tech out?
Yeah..I was at work so my wife let him in. He told her he couldn't test shit unless it was dropping while he was there. It is sporadic and all he had to do was watch my modem for a couple minutes. So, he asked her when the last time I upgraded my firmware (not mentioning which device mind you) and to consider maybe a speed increase (from my 200Mb connection) to see if that helped even though everyone around me is using meager 50Mb service....
It's cable right? Have you logged into the modems status page to see what's going on? While not completely feature rich, most will show errors and bad connection numbers on the modem's status page for you. What modem is it?

Are you running a Home run to the modem?
Arris SB6183. Right now it is my router to the modem. I have ran a single PC to the modem a few weeks back to verify it would still drop. I have not looked at any status pages though.
The web interface for the modem should be and you should be able to enter that from the other side of your router as well so no need to hook a single PC to it.

Go there and click on the connection tab and take a look at all your channels. Check your power as well. Also check the noise (SNR). Report the findings here or start a thread in the DC Sub forum and I'll give it a look over.
phoenicis what is your Threadripper GXG setup? Running Windows VMs or Linux? If linux, do you have any scripts you can share?
Arris1.PNG Arris2.PNG Arris3.PNG Arris4.PNG

I don't have a connection Tab...lol. But here you go. It has only been up since a restart for just under 12 hours.
Dude, you have WAY too many uncorrectable errors on that connection.

Describe your lines to me.

Starting at the curb (side of the house) what size splitter? How many cables are connected to it and where do they go?
It comes in from the back somewhere (go figure pervs...lol). New line that was ran and buried back in November of 2017. From there, I do not recall if it connects to the rest of the house or just goes to the box and back under. I want to say it goes to the box (not a splitter) to a coupler and then under the house straight to a wall plate. But I will check again tomorrow during daylight hours. They had to come out back around June and replaced something at the pole that was old and corroded but he wouldn't tell me exactly what parts. Mediacom is terrible about running as long as possible on old shit here because they don't actually own the lines. They have a lease deal with the city.
Oh... but I may need to wait and give you more screen shots... according to their support line, they may have an area outage going today....just my luck huh?.... So, testing will have to proceed another day.
Well where ever the cable line comes in from the street it has to go to a splitter if you have cable in other rooms. Most likely its a 3- or 4-way splitter. If that's the case then you need to go buy a 2-way splitter and a ~1ft RG6 cable. Connect the line from the street to the 2-way splitter. On one side connect the cable modem on the other end connect the other splitter for the rest of the house. If there are ANY exposed connections then you need to cap them off.
Okay, then check the outside box and make sure there isn't a splitter the cable is connected to. If so, bypass it.
Yeah... I will have to look at it on a day that isn't an area outage. I'm hoping for some storms to roll in...lol.
If it's a straight line to the modem then it's for sure on there end and they need to fix it at the street level or back at the main office. No point in them sending a tech out.
Today's projection. Still neck and neck.

We got a bunch of more tasks that came online. I think we'll be around 25M points today.

Lets just hope PDW doesn't increase his output more than the 5.88M he's doing now.
I added 490 clients yesterday, not sure what daily production rate that will add thou, I guess I can spin up a few more XP vm's, thou they only seem to handle 60 clients before tasks start failing...
Should be good for a littke over 900k points per day.

Each task makes 20 credits and take about an hour and each instance runs 4 tasks.
Load up windows 10 on those VMs. It's free for this purpose.
Load up windows 10 on those VMs. It's free for this purpose.

Oh, What are the limitation of W10 in a VM without a extra license? I thought only xp was allowed since W7-10 had xp emulation mode...
There are none. Most of the guys on here use the "Evaluation Version" of Windows 10 for this purpose. They also use it as their main/host operating system. You can do the same with Windows Server 2016, but it has a 160 day trial.. I'll let you know in about 150 days what happens after 160.
Right, I use the unlicensed version of Win10 on most of my boxes now. The only limitations are you can't personalize it (change the background, themes, etc.) and it puts a small watermark on the lower right of the screen that says something like "Activate Windows 10" (can't recall the actual wording now). Otherwise, everything works the same as a licensed copy and you even still get all Windows updates. Using it on cruncher-only boxes is a no-brainer.

Edit: Sorry, just realized I misunderstood NickOfTime's question and went off on a different tangent.
Still relevant though. You can use Win10 as a Host operating system and a guest operating system in a VM. They all experience the same limitations you mentioned.
NickOfTime, you can still activate Win10 using Win7 keys. However, you do not need to activate Windows in the VM's. It only disables unnecessary things like personalization/theme changing and such. Windows XP, I was able to spin up 100 instances before having troubles. Win 7/10 I can do the full 250.
Ok, Well 800 Running now, looks like approaching the limit of my internet speeds 1.2mbps upload - at least it is unlimited... (6.2 down)
Nice! Glad to have you in the race! Also love your auto start script.
I'm glad he is focusing on BOINC again. :D Maybe he will join us for a GIMPS challenge early next year.
Maybe he will help us with FB this year and next year.
I'm finally getting around to setting this up today. Not sure how many instances I will be able to get across my 10 boxes, as it will depend on memory. Hoping to spin up at least 1000 instances. I do have a 1TB cap on my internet, so not sure how long I will be able to run this many.
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