I'm not 100% sure it will work out, but definitely fresh installing with Windows Media Creation tool will work out.

Bump bump bump!
Killer deal for a win10 key. I may get one off you.

Legit keys of course? Assuming?
Hello Hard Forums. I have for sale the following items.

1. 8GB Crucial DDR3 SODIMM memory. They are rated at 1600mhz. Nothing special, just good old laptop memory. $30 shipped for one 8GB stick. I have multiples of these. Discounts given for bulk purchase. PM for details.

2. 16GB Kingston DDR4 SODIMM memory. One stick rated at 2133mhz. Nothing special, just good old laptop memory. $60 shipped.

3. Windows 10 Pro keys. Download and use the Windows Media Creation Tool and fresh install and activate. Done & simple. $10.

I bought a Win pro license from Amazon for 25. Same deal, use fresh copy of Pro downloaded from MS. I had a copy installed on my other machine--fresh from MS and never activated--then I used the same copy--not activated--on my new machine. Guy on Amazon gave me 5 serials and none of them worked. He said he didn't now why and refunded my money. I told him I had this copy installed on another machine but it was never activated, and she said that shouldn't matter.

Any ideas why they didn't work that would be on my end? (He said keep the series and keep trying them if I wanted.)