15th Annual WCG Birthday Challenge by SETI.Germany


[H]ard|DCer of the Year - 2014
Jan 29, 2006



The challenge will take place from
Nov 16th - Nov 22nd 2019

To join your team in the race or register your team for the race, your WCG-Team-Captain has to visit this Page. The challenge's aim is to get as much points as possible in the given time frame. The WCG-Subproject can be chosen freely.

More information about the challenge-mode this year can be read here!

There are several ways to get in contact with the participants:

1. Use the shoutbox on this page (on the bottom left)
2. Log into our forum and post in this thread
3. Post in this thread on the WCG-forum

2018's thread - https://hardforum.com/threads/14th-annual-wcg-birthday-challenge.1967722/
Bunkering is allowed and is done by pretty much all of the teams. If you need help on figuring bunkering out, please start with this thread and ask lots of questions. https://hardforum.com/threads/bunkering-why-you-should-or-should-not-do-it.1829159/ We will get you squared away.

2018 rankings - https://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/team/challenge/viewTeamChallenge.do?challengeId=9145 - We were 6h
2017 rankings - https://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/team/challenge/viewTeamChallenge.do?challengeId=8617 - We were 4th
2016 rankings - https://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/team/challenge/viewTeamChallenge.do?challengeId=8127 - We were 16th
2014 rankings - https://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/team/challenge/viewTeamChallenge.do?challengeId=6833 - We were 11th
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I have already signed us up. More details to come

Any sub project can be chosen. If you are going to run something that requires a "wingman" it would be best to load up a large cache of work at the beginning and then lower it when you get to the last 4 days of the event.

If you are adding new hosts, please start running work now so that you can get work turned back in and validated. Until you do, you may not be able to request the full amount of work units to bunker or fill a cache.

MIP - no wingmen necessary unless your host has yet to be flagged as reliable.
SCC - has no work right now
OpenZika - May not have work by the time the event starts as this sub project is ending. However, if it is then it does not need wingmen unless your host has yet to be flagged as reliable.
HSTB - This project runs out of work units quick and also requires wingmen.
FAAH2 - No winmen necessary unless your host has yet to be flagged as reliable. Constant internet connection may be necessary.
MCM - The project requires wingmen.
ARP - The project requires wingmen - really long work units

HSTB - 10 days
ARP - 7 days
MIP - 10 days
OZ - should be completed but if not, most of the resends will only have 1-4 days
FAH2 - ~1 day?
MCM - 7 days
SCC - currently no work

Resends and BETA usually have 4 or less days.
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Yes, just normal WCG. No specific sub project required and no other projects to bounce around on like Pentathlon does. You can bunker in advance though up to 10 days worth of work if you manipulate things to get enough work to last that long.
I was just coming here to post this. I still have some OZ work to get through shooting for my 90 year goal (not enough work to go for 100). Interested to see what these work units are like.

It's a good thing they got this one now. It was looking like the only two projects with continuous work for the event were going to be MCM and MIP. The others were going to be spotty or MIA.
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We are down to 2 weeks before the event starts. If you bunker, pay attention to the deadlines the work units have.

HSTB - 10 days
ARP - 7 days
MIP - 10 days
OZ - should be completed but if not, most of the resends will only have 1-4 days
FAH2 - ~1 day?
MCM - 7 days
SCC - currently no work

Resends and BETA usually have 4 or less days.
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We are now under one week's time before the event starts. It should now be safe to load up on work units with 7 day deadlines if you are bunkering.
I can assure you we will be playing catch up to the other teams that are hard core about bunkering. So, bring everything you can. :)
Just a reminder that last year many had frustrations with being able to pull work units at the beginning of the event. I recommend you having your rigs running and set with a cache before the event to cover some outtages and keep it that way until about the end of the event. Just my $.02.
Glad you are joining regardless. Thanks for the help. :D
First 3 clusters up. 9 more to go. Stupid powercli updated and broke the scripts, having to modify on the fly. Will start bunkering tomorrow evening. Someone update the thread when I should dump, plz - also, some will just be going all out (not all my systems can be "isolated".
Got half the environment running. Got 12 more big servers. Have to see if I can run the wiring for the remaining 7. Oh and the management environment.
Someone tell me what the next sprint after this is. I’ll see if I can run it and get spun up.
11/28 - 12/1 - FB Sprint -Not yet announced.


12/17 - 12/22 - PrimeGrid - Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi! Summer Solstice Challenge - Only three work unit choices to run which will be dominated by GPU's.

And then we normally run the WCG X-mas race through the month of December though it isn't on our calendar just yet.

Also, we are possibly working on a Folding @ Home challenge with our friends over at Team Anandtech - https://hardforum.com/threads/h-ardocp-vs-team-anandtech-folding-home-race.1988423/

Still waiting to see if this is official on their end still. That as well is dominated by GPU's and does not use the BOINC client.
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Don’t have any real GPU power to donate. :(. Just a lot of CPU.

I will see if FAH runs in my environment if CPU helps at all
You can run CPU and with a lot of them will do a lot of work. It's just that they won't earn as much credit as GPU's. So, if you compare what you have to what I have to bring to the table, you will probably still smoke my contributions. lol
It’s the little things

First update has dropped and we are currently in 4th. probably lots of bunkers yet to be dropped yet somewhere.
Seems like Team Anandtech must have done a really good job bunkering. Today we are keeping pace with them, but yesterday they had quite the dump!

Now that I have a good process down I should be able to get a larger amount of queued up work for the Christmas Challenge.