10-pack of Sandisk Ultra Flair 16GB USB 3.0 Flash Drives $40 shipped


Oct 3, 2006

If you get on it today you get 15% off! or that comes to about ~$3 per usb stick shipped.

Edit: Sorry forgot to mention.. I have several packs of these available - about 100 in total, so you can actually purchase multiple lots or message me for bulk pricing!
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Thanks for the headsup, man. I'm in for 1 pack. If you use today's coupon, it's another few bucks off too.

EDIT: Duh forgot to add coupon code - "picksoon" (Sept 27th only)
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In for 1 also, I always lose my OS install drives around the house so this will keep me going for another good while
How fast are the writes on the drives and do the drives get pretty hot during heavy transfers?
I don't think sandisk publishes official write speeds or at least I haven't found any, but I've seen sustained write speeds on large files of like 8MB/s range