1. cageymaru

    Apple Fixes Zero-Day Exploits with Release of iOS 12.1.4

    Apple has released iOS 12.1.4 and it fixes two zero-day exploits that had been abused by hackers. According to Google Project Zero team lead, Ben Hawkes, "CVE-2019-7286 and CVE-2019-7287 were exploited in the wild as 0day." CVE-2019-7286 allowed hackers to gain elevated privileges by using a...
  2. cageymaru

    Microsoft Releases Emergency Security Update for Actively Exploited Vulnerability

    Microsoft has released an emergency security update to patch an actively exploited vulnerability in Internet Explorer. CVE-2018-8653 addresses a remote code execution vulnerability caused by the way the scripting engine handles objects in Internet Explorer. The exploit corrupts memory in such as...