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    Maximus Vii Hero Used

    Hello! Need your advise! I was given a system comprised of Asus Z87 Maximus VI Hero Corsair 16GB DDR-3 1600mhz c10 Vengenace Pro Intel Core i7 4790k Corsair H60 Samsung 850 EVO 250GB PNY GTX 780 (will be replaced by my current GTX 1060) Coolmax ZU-1000B 1KW power supply Cooler Master HAF XB...
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    Installed a Samsung 950 pro m2 SSD in a Asus Z97-A and it doesn't recognize it. Not even in BIOS

    The computer is up a running with windows 7 installed on one of the hard drives, but it still won't recognize the samsung 950 pro plugged into the motherboard. I doubt checked and its seated into the slot correctly, but it won't pick it up. Any ideas on what to do? Intel Core i7-4790K Asus...