1. schlitzbull

    FS/FT: ASUS Z170-A New from RMA

    All prices include shipping and are OBO. CONUS only. Trades will be at the bottom. Accepting paypal only. Please have heatware. My Heatware. I will send pictures prior to shipping and/or upon request. ----- ASUS Z170-A - $OLD New from RMA. Will come in RMA box. Have I/O, driver DVD, manuals...
  2. schlitzbull

    Sold for now!

    All prices include shipping and are OBO. CONUS only. Trades will be at the bottom. Accepting paypal only. Please have heatware. My Heatware. I will send pictures prior to shipping and/or upon request. ASUS Z170-A - $65 New from RMA. Will come in RMA box. Have I/O, driver DVD, manuals. Not...
  3. S

    FS - 32gb DDR4, 980 GTX, i7 Z170 combo, CPUs

    Hello, Selling the following: EVERYTHING GOING ON EBAY Crucial 2400 DDR4 Ram - (CT16G4DFD824A) 2x16gb for a total of 32gb - $220 shipped EVGA 980 SC w/acx cooler - $210 shipped SOLD i7 6700k & Asus Z170 Maximus Ranger - $320 shipped (6700k $230 shipped, Asus Maximus Ranger $110 shipped) i7...
  4. Q

    FS: PC Parts, Pokeman Games, Keyboards

    Everything is sold. Sold Items 3x 16TB WD My Book Duo - $300 PS4 Launch 500GB with Two Controllers - $200 Nintendo Switch Pro Control - $40 Kingston 120GB SSDnow 300v - $15 Samsung 840 pro 250GB - $25 Logitech G900 Choas - $60 ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 8GB ROG STRIX - $500 -Sold 2x Samsung 960...
  5. magnux

    FS: ASUS Maximus VIII Hero Alpha, 2600k+P8Z68-V Pro+16GB Combo, BNIB Apple TV 32GB, Oculus Rift

    Pics https://imgur.com/a/kX9i9 Notes All items are from a non-smoking, non-pet household. All prices include shipping within the US48, unless otherwise noted. For Sale ASUS Maximus VIII Hero Alpha - $175 Purchased in October, little over 3 months old. Like new. Includes retail box and all...
  6. K

    FS: Z170-UD3, Z170X-Gaming 5, H170-Gaming 3, i5-6600k, 8GB DDR4, Seasonic 650W, GTX 1060 6GB, RX 460

    I've got a bunch of sale. Talk to me. Heatware: Comradetao, Reddit: Comradetao, Ebay: chidorimachines READ THIS FIRST I only ship to the contiguous US. I do not accept "gift" payments. The motherboards were bought for business resale, so I have to charge tax in Ohio. If you're out of Ohio...
  7. M

    Gigabyte z170x-gaming 7 m.2 pci-e install

    hey folks, Anything special i need to do in order install a 1tb Intel 600p pci-e SSD? physically install, boot windows on existing SSD, image to m.2 SSD, then boot from m.2 SSD would be the plan. Gigabyte z170x-gaming 7 motherboard. Anything special I will have to enable in the BIOS etc to...
  8. B

    Gigabyte damaged my motherboard when I sent it in for RMA repair and refuses to fix it

    In April 2016, I purchased a GIGABYTE GA-Z170X-Gaming 6 (rev. 1.0) motherboard form Newegg. The motherboard was delivered on May 3rd 2016. The fan headers started dying on the motherboard less than 6 weeks after it was delivered from Newegg. Unfortunately it was outside of the Newegg.com 30...
  9. S

    Kaby Lake (i5-7600K) Overclocking Results

    Core i5-7600K overclocked to 5.1 GHz on Air 4.8 GHz - Stable, 1.28V (BIOS) / 1.296V @ Windows 4.95 GHz - Stable, 1.408V - Multiplier at 49, BCLK at 100.93MHz 5 GHz - BSOD after 4 minutes of AIDA64 Stress FPU, requires more voltage 5.1 GHz - Boots to Windows, 1.488V - runs basic tests, SuperPi...
  10. K

    8GB (2x4GB) of DDR3-1600 RAM, LG 3D BD-ROM/DVD-RW

    Parting out my upgraded gaming PC, as I've moved on. I acquired this PC from this forum, and all parts were new. I will not be selling the case, as I don't feel like shipping it. Pictures are available upon request, but the PC is still assembled, so it might take a while. Not looking for...
  11. FrgMstr

    GIGABYTE Z170X Designare LGA1151 Motherboard Review @ [H]

    GIGABYTE Z170X Designare LGA1151 Motherboard Review - GIGABYTE has continually impressed us with its offerings as of late. GIGABYTE’s Z170X Designare is poised to continue that trend and add another motherboard to the budding Designare legacy. We are still not fully sure of what exactly...
  12. K

    FS: i5-6400, Z170X-Gaming 5, Z170N, Gaming 5, i7-6700k, DDR3, DDR4, GTX 970, Fractal Cases, Lian-li

    TERMS I only ship to the contiguous United States. I do not accept "gift" payments. PayPal verified or local cash only. Every shipped item includes insurance and tracking. Local pickup is available in the Cleveland, OH area. I am negotiable, but don't like lowballers. If you're buying...
  13. -Anomie-

    FS: i5 6600K, Brand new in unopened box, $175

    SOLD Thank you to the buyer for making this an easy transaction, sorry for causing all that drama earlier (or not :P).
  14. heap

    DDR4 memory selection for z170-based system

    Hello, it's been a while since I built my last computer and now I'm researching a new build. This topic is a question about DDR4 memory selection. So far I have selected the Asus Z170-PRO motherboard and an i7-6700K CPU. I think it's correct (if I'm wrong please let me know) that this bus...
  15. D

    FS: Price Lowered Gigabyte GTX 1080 Gaming G1 , EK GTX 680 Waterblock

    Heatware : DSLisFREE Paypal: paypal gift or amazon payment (not gift cards), google wallet, chase quick pay. *Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1080 Gaming G1 $680 shipped. -This card was included in a system that I recently bought on craigslist. Includes original box. *2x EK GTX 680 Water Block Nickel...
  16. S

    WTB - Z170 ITX Mobo

    I'm looking for the following items: Z170 ITX mobo Throw at me what you got, thanks! Reviews/Feedback for sakerfalcon | HeatWare.com heatware 34-0-0
  17. J

    Newb here needing help overclocking ASUS Z170 Deluxe

    Hey guys. So I just did a recent build on a new PC and after a few bumps in the road, everything is up and running. I don't really know the whole overclocking thing. I want to get the best performance out of my system because I plan to do alot of 4k gaming. Here is my rig: Intel Core i7 6700K...
  18. E


    Heatware link Paypal and Google Wallet payments only US only For Sale: Items looking for possible trade: 1000w+ PSU (Bronze+) AIO for socket 1150\1151 SOLD: TrackIR5 + TrackClip Pro Combo - $75 shipped SOLD Used comes with hardware only link Pic Celeron G1830 socket 1150 (used, bare cpu)...
  19. FrgMstr

    GIGABYTE GA-Z170X-SOC FORCE Motherboard Review @ [H]

    GIGABYTE GA-Z170X-SOC FORCE Motherboard Review - GIGABYTE’s GA-Z170X-SOC FORCE is touted as the ultimate Z170 "Super OverClock" solution from GIGABYTE. It also offers an impressive array of features for the enthusiast and gamer alike. 22 phases of digital power, cool new OC Touch buttons...