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    FS: Fujifilm XF 23mm 1.4, Pixel 3a, Cryorig C7G (graphene) , Total wireless 5gb

    updated 8/24 Fujifilm XF 23mm 1.4 Includes original box and B+W nano clear filter $590 Google Pixel 3a Unlocked BLACK Includes original box, accessories, and basic tpu case $350 $335 Cryorig C7G New $90 2x Total Wireless Unlimited Talk Text plus 5GB Data Plan $35 Digital $30/$55 for both...
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    FS: Fujifilm XF 23mm, JBL ACTPACK, ROCKIT 88 1151/1150 Delid & Relid kit

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    FS: Fujifilm XF 23mm, CKR10 IE

    Fujinon XF 23mm F1.4 R Includes original packaging, lens hood and B+W nano clear filter $690 Audio Technica ATH CKR10 New $70 Roland Mobile UA M10 USB Audio Interface Includes original packaging $80 STEAM GIFT CARD Key only 2x $20 for $37.50 Nvidia GEFORCE GTX 1070 Ti FE Founder's Edition...
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    FS: Fujifilm XF Lenses, Best Buy GC, 2x16gb ddr4 3200mhz, M500 1tb, Canon 75-300, CKR10

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    Vega Crossfire tested - poor scaling, slower than 1080 Ti

    PC Perspective article here.