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    Acer xb271hu - pixel brightness "shimmer" - defect or normal?

    When I turn on the monitor after it has been off for a while (1hr+) it has alternating levels of bright/dim in vertical bands. They disappear after the monitor has been on for some minutes (~5-10). The effect is more apparent at lower framerates (such as HotS being capped at 60 fps on title...
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    Acer Recertified - XB270HU [$386] - XB271HU [$513]

    Acer Refurbs on sale with a 10% off promo code, 10offacer. $386 - Acer Recertified Online Store - Buy Laptops, Ultrabooks, Tablets, Monitors and more! | Acer $513 - Acer Recertified Online Store - Buy Laptops, Ultrabooks, Tablets, Monitors and more! | Acer /r/buildapcsales thread: I had...
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    Acer Predator XB271HU 27" - $549 from Best Buy eBay [DEAL DEAD]

    Acer - Predator XB271HU 27" IPS LED HD GSync Monitor - Black I've been waiting for it to go on sale for a while and it's the cheapest I've seen it go. It is possible to return to a B&M store if you had any issues with it, Returns items in OfficialBestBuy store on eBay! All Returns The...
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    Help from fellow Acer XB271HU owners.

    I just got one of these Acer XB271HU monitors from the Acer refurb store on ebay. My stand came in with a little damage and a missing rubber on the bottom of the stand but otherwise this thing seems to be a keeper so far. I certainly can't see much BLB at all in my testing. I am comparing to the...
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    u2711 upgrade

    I have had this U2711 for the past 6 years thanks to an [H] member and my nephew wants an upgrade from his 1080p. I am afraid that without having a 144hz IPS panel side by side I will not be able to discern a difference. For those of you upgrading from a great monitor with 60hz and moved on to...
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    HOT! - Acer XB271HU *Recertified* - $519 Shipped via Acer Ebay

    Here we go again! Looks like Acer has some recertified XB271HU's out on their Ebay store for $499. As always, this is the panel lottery and it is very YMMV. Link below! Acer XB271HU bmiprz Gaming Monitor, Nvidia G-sync, HDMI, 144Hz, (2560 x 1440)