x58 motherboard

  1. Mr. Bluntman

    A Blast From the Past For You Older [H]'ers... DX58SO Smackover Build

    This is a new project I've started work on today... It's one I have been meaning to complete for at least the last 18 months and the (sort of) end is now in sight... Now, the specs: Intel Core i7 970 CPU equivalent (Xeon W3670), 6c/12t @ 3.2GHz, 12MB L3 Cache 3 x 2GB G.Skill DDR3-1600 DDR...
  2. S

    Ga-x58a-ud3r bios update - @BIOS

    I have an old workstation with an ga-x58a-ud3r and X5560 wich I wanted to upgrade to an 980x. Since the installed bios version does not support it I need to update it - So far so good. The only problem that arises ist, that q-flash (the build-in updater) does only support 1mb flashing operations...
  3. Noxtreme

    Does anyone still buy 1366 parts?

    Hello World, I built a new amd rig last year and now I have my old Asus 1366 rig on the sidelines. Do you guys think it would be worth the effort to try and sell my old parts. Asus Rampage III formula 12gb of Muskin ddr3 ram with super tight timing Xeon X5675 (I think) with old Hyper 212. Case...
  4. waseem

    X58 Motherboard

    Hello guys, I want a x58 motherboard immediately Need to ship to me Israel, International shipping I can Pay bia Paypal, I'm a long time member here in this forum, If you have x58 motherboard then plz contact me via message and I will replay, Thanks for helpers