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    Setting up Lan Cache Docker DNS in windows server hyper V?

    i’m trying to get lan cache working in docker on an Ubuntu VM in hyper V. i’ve figured out that the network in hyper V needs to reach out side as does the docker network! i’m just not sure how to navigate and configure the docket network. last time i tried this, i could ping the ubuntu VM but...
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    Always have to retype saved password for it to connect to the server with RDP

    So I have a desktop with Windows 7 and a server with win server 2008r2. I have remote desktop setup with the username and password to connect to the server. Everytime it says something like authentication failed or something similar with the saved password, but if I type in the same password...
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    Anyone using Storage Spaces Direct (S2D)?

    Just wondering if anyone has played with S2D in Server 2016 TP5? I want to test but haven't had a chance to. I would like some real world information on performance. Can it even run if I'm limited to 1Gb links?
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    HPE ML350 Gen9 dual-boot ubuntu/windows 2012 R2 Server

    Hello everybody, I need to build a powerful workstation supporting dual-boot feature. Selected machine is a ML350. Ubuntu is reported working on this machine. I can add H240 RAID but if possible, I would like to stay with an integrated b140i cntrooller. The latter one requires the server to be...