windows 7 x64

  1. spacedrone808

    Complete tweaking guide for Windows 7 SP2+

    Hope that some of you will find FAQ useful.
  2. J

    Downgrade Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 7 Home

    Hi all, Does anyone know a reliable way to downgrade Win 7 Ultimate to Home? I want to install Win 10 Home but Ultimate upgrades only to Win 10 Pro. I have tried a couple of hacks I found on the web (registry changes and Win10 downgrader) but when I run the setup to fix the installation, it...
  3. B

    Using Windows 7 Will Get You Hacked?

    Hi, I know that Windows 7 support has ended back in January this year. I saw a comment that said if you keep using it still you will get hacked. How true is that comment? How will I get hacked if I don't go to malicious websites and use NOD32? Also, can my PC get hacked just by being on idle...
  4. spacedrone808

    Fastest possible laptop for Windows 7 x64?

    Max cores, max ram,neat gpu, 100% srgb display coverage required, non glossy, FHD, no 4K. Looking forward for your suggestions, even undocumented ones.
  5. M

    Win7: Can I use an external touchpad for specific apps ONLY, Not Explorer?

    I have a couple of Windows 7 applications that can use a touchpad for gestures (primarily Pot Player). So I bought a small, external wireless USB touchpad for this purpose. But Windows Explorer always just grabs and dominates it completely. But I emphatically do NOT want Explorer to use it at...
  6. R

    Motherboard “H61H2-AM3” does not recognices PCI-USB card “KEC 2580N4”

    I need to use a PCI-USB card "KEC 2580N4" in a motherboard "H61H2-AM3". I plugged this card in a PCI slot that says "PCI1". Am using a PC with a 64bits Windows 7 Ultimate. Every time the card is plugged in the motherboard, the Windows does not initiates. It stays in the "initiating stage" for...