1. dvsman

    Android Wifi Question

    So I've got a Samsung S7 (regular version Android 6.01 on Verizon) and for the most part, I'm really digging it. Great camera, small nicely portable size - great for pockets and one handed operation, just enough power to do everything I need / keep the screen / app response snappy. The one...
  2. E

    F/S: Ubiquiti Unifi AC 5 Pack UAP-AC-LITE-5-US + more

    Hi there - I ended up with an extra Unifi AC Lite 5 Pack from a project. This was used for less than 12 hours (Special event we needed WiFi for). Still in box. Still under manufacturer warranty. I missed my return window due to some things that came up in life. These do not come with the PoE...
  3. Cerulean

    Recommendation for WiFi directional WAP?

    Scenario: User has a big but long property and wants to be able to use his home WiFi 60 meters away from the house (think 'end of driveway'). I'm looking for a product that supports 2.4GHz WiFi and can be wired into the network, not some cheap WiFi extender that connects to a wireless network...
  4. W

    Anyone explain how/why iPhone wifi?

    So here's the pickle. (And first post) TWC router with built-in wifi right. Come home every night, fire up PS4 (connected via CAT 5), nothing else is on my router wirelessly at this point ( have a Tablet but it has been off for months and was put in airplane mode before I turned it off)...
  5. A

    Sharing media from Android phone to others

    Okay, in May I will be doing a 17 hour drive to Disney World with a 7 year old and a 3 year old. God help me. I have an LG G3, the 7 year old has a cheap phone with little storage, and the 3 year old can use our Kindle HDX. What I want to do is to be able to store a bunch of videos on my phone...
  6. S

    FS Asus RT-AC68U AC1900 Router and 7 days use TP-Link Archer C8

    References 93+ on Heatware 609+ on Ebay 5 + on OCN Don't have the Rep count to make FS Threads:rolleyes: Payment Paypal Terms of Sale All items are still in working order as one would expect them to be. Some items are still sealed and unused. Item pricing includes shipping. Considering...