1. AlphaAtlas

    The Web's Creator Comments on Its Future

    The internet turned 30 this year, and CERN celebrated it with a long (and if I'm being honest, not particularly exciting) webcast featuring its creator, Sir Tim Berners-Lee. However, after the recent Cambridge Analytica data scandal and what seems like a new privacy/security related scandal...
  2. cageymaru

    Google Duo Is Now Accessible from the Web

    According to reports, Google Duo is now accessible on the web. By heading to the Google Duo website, users should be able to place video and phone calls within their web browser. There's no tedious setup to get started with Duo on the web--no phone number authentication or QR code scans like...
  3. M

    Problem with personal cloud storage

    Hello, I just changed my default router with an Asus RT-AC 1200 but after conecting my Seagate Personal Cloud it stoped being detected, I checked every device and they can't access it anymore, I checked with the router but aparently its not being detected neither (there's a device named * but I...
  4. R

    DuckDuckGo Examining Google's Search Tailoring

    DuckDuckGo, most well known for its privacy focused, non-tracking search engine, has announced on their Twitter that they are looking for volunteers on Sunday PM to "examine the extent of Google's filter bubble, i.e. how much results are tailored." It has long been rumored that Google shapes and...
  5. Bees

    Punycode Exploit the Newest Phishing Attack

    In the newest wave of phishing attacks, hackers have seemingly found a method to spoof SSL connected URLs using Punycode exploits. Said exploits are quite clever, and even the most careful user could fall susceptible to this attack. By default, many web browsers use ‘Punycode’ encoding to...