1. O

    ATX in Silverstone's ITX RVZ 03 + 3 Slot GPU and Custom AIO *Sponsored*

    full in's and out's can be found here; https://forums.overclockers.co.uk/threads/atx-in-silverstones-itx-rvz-03-panels-reattached-now-to-plug-in-the-gaps-last-post.18863171/ Basically my wife upgraded the living room to full Ikea Hemnes furniture and Dynamic case does't fit into the desk , nor...
  2. Rosinbole

    B L A C K B I R D

    Scratch built case specifications: 7.23L excluding raised sidepanels 8.97L including raised sidepanels 100% anodized CNC milled aluminum structure - main structure will be entirely 12mm panels - inside structure will be 3mm panels 2x 4mm thick tinted tempered glass panels Entirely assembled...
  3. FrgMstr

    Watercool Heatkiller IV Pro Water Block Breakdown @ [H]

    Watercool Heatkiller IV Pro Water Block Breakdown We have been waiting for Watercool's new Threadripper water block to show up so we could get to testing it, but they sold so many that they were taking care of their customers first before sending us a review unit. That is something you have to...
  4. S

    Which coolant do I need?

    I did some looking on Reddit and some other forms and didn't come up with anything solid. My question is about the liquid I need for my parts. A nickel plated mono block on my impact 8. A nickel plated fury x block. And a nexxos xt 45 full copped rad. Tubing is ek-zmt. Any help would be...
  5. FrgMstr

    More Threadripper Waterblocks Come to Market - Watercool and Swiftech

    We have seen huge delta in Threadripper cooling since launch (TR4 cooing reviews here, here, here and here), and along with what has been a very narrow market, we are now seeing some more players show up. Watercool has announced its new TR4 block and has it up for pre-buy as of tomorrow...
  6. Kattstrumpa

    [Album] Finished my NCASE M1 build yesterday..

    So I just finished this mITX build in the NCASE M1. I'm very satisfied with the results and the PC works great. The idea sprung from seeing Bluehandstech's M1 build, I instantly knew I had to get this case and watercool it. I decided early on that I was to use hardline tubing only, and with...
  7. babelmh13

    Corrosion in Reservoir?

    So I was cleaning my case yesterday when I noticed what appeared to be some corrosion on the silver in my reservoir.. In my loop I use: -EKWB copper/acrylic blocks -Silver bitspower compression fittings -EKWB Coolstream XTX240, XSPC RX360 V3 radiators -A Bitspower Water Tank Z-Multi 250...
  8. babelmh13

    FS: (2) GTX 670 Watercooled SLI, i7-2600k

    Thinking about upgrading my rig so I'm posting my GPUs with waterblocks and backplates along with my i7-2600k. I am willing to listen to offers and might be willing to sell the blocks seperate from the cards for the right price. Send me any reasonable offers. Items: (2) EVGA GTX 670...