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    VR Funhouse Adds Steam Achievements, Holiday Mods, and More

    VR Funhouse has been a rousing success, with over 165,000 downloads on Steam, and now it’s also available on the Oculus Store. One thing VR gamers asked us for was the ability to track their achievements through Steam so today we are giving them that chance. Now you can compete for highest score...
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    NVIDIA VR Funhouse Now Available In Oculus Store

    NVIDIA sends word that its popular VR Funhouse is now available in Oculus Store and Steam for the amazingly low price of FREE. Those of you that aren't familiar with NVIDIA's VR Funhouse should check out our article here.
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    VR Funhouse Gets Two Zany New Levels, Support for Oculus Touch

    This week at Oculus Connect 3 we’re announcing that VR Funhouse — the world’s most advanced virtual reality game — will support Oculus Touch. We’re also bringing two zany new levels — Wall Walker Toss and HotShot Basketball — to our carnival-themed VR experience. We created VR Funhouse to show...
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    NVIDIA Announces The VR Funhouse Mod Kit

    NVIDIA announced today that it is releasing the VR Funhouse Mod Kit, which allows modders to access the game’s UE4 blueprints and assets to create mods and new levels to share via Steam Workshop. In addition to the mod kit, NVIDIA has released five NVIDIA VR Funhouse mods of its own. NVIDIA has...