vr basics

  1. L

    PlayStation VR

    How is it? I'm very new to VR, only just experienced it at the Verizon store on a phone. Still haven't found a place to demo the PS VR. How is the experience? I sincerely doubt I'll ever get into the PC side of things. I actually thinking about making this my last PC, I haven't upgraded...
  2. S

    Help: n00b HTC Vive questions

    Yo, so a friend of mine wants to get her kid a gaming rig + HTC Vive. Now, I dont think she has a lot of extra cash. So what kind of gaming rig would one need? CPU: i3, i5, i7? GPU: 1050, 1060,1070, 1080, Titan? Memory: 8, 16, 32? What else matters for VR?
  3. cageymaru

    Futuremark Announces VRMark, the Virtual Reality Benchmark

    Futuremark Announces VRMark, the Virtual Reality Benchmark. https://www.techpowerup.com/227489/futuremark-announces-vrmark-the-virtual-reality-benchmark Official website. http://www.futuremark.com/ No HDM required. $20 for Advanced Edition. Advanced Edition is on sale for $15 during launch...