1. B

    Windows Defender File Warning vs. Process Warning

    I have a legit tool that Windows Defender identifies as "Trojan:Win32/Vigorf.A" and it happens with other legit files. Some are identified as PUA. This Reddit commenter says that there is no need to worry as long as Windows Defender detects file. When it detects process is when there is case one...
  2. scojer

    Drive your coworkers crazy with this Untitled Goose game inspired app.

    Someone made a desktop app inspired by the Untitled Goose Game. You can download it here: Article if you want to read about it here:
  3. H

    Malwarebytes Lifetime Licenses (2-for-1!) $10

    It looks like the original seller of these is no longer around, and the demand for them is still good, so I've started a new thread to sell what I have. Information This is for the older version of Malwarebytes which still recognizes the lifetime licenses. The program cannot be updated due to...
  4. Zarathustra[H]

    So, Avira Flagged Something in my Portal Download from Steam?

    During my Portal download using the Steam client. It was caught by the heuristics filter, so I'm guessing this is a false positive... But is it?
  5. cageymaru

    MikroTik Routers Compromised with Crypto Mining Malware Coinhive

    A known vulnerability in MikroTik routers that was patched within a day of being discovered has been used by hackers to force whole networks of computers to mine cryptocurrency. The exploit causes the router to inject Coinhive's Javascript into every web page that the router visits causing all...
  6. cageymaru

    Chipmaker TSMC Affected by Virus Incident Causing Delays in Product Shipments

    Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, TSMC estimates that the delays caused by having to shutdown the production lines to remove a virus will cost the company 3% of 3Q18 revenue and 1% in gross margins. They expect to recover by Q42018. This virus outbreak occurred due to misoperation...
  7. R

    uTorrent Flagged as Threat by Microsoft and Antivirus Vendors

    TorrentFreak is reporting that this week several Windows users that the uTorrent BitTorrent client was suddenly being flagged as a threat by Windows Defender as "Potentially Unwanted Software." The article goes on to state that other Antivirus software has been labeling uTorrent as a threat, and...
  8. FrgMstr

    Security Conference Gifts are Viruses

    Thank you for coming today, we appreciate you being here, please accept this free virus as a sign of our gratitude. If nothing else this sound serve as a warning to never access a strange USB flash drive with a computer that you even remotely care about. The Criminal Investigation Bureau has...
  9. M

    Possible Malware Issue, Need Help - PC stuck in reboot loop

    I am trying to figure out whether a PC can be salvaged or not. It has Windows "Embedded" which is somewhat unfamiliar territory for me. Currently, if you turn the PC on, it shows a screen that says Windows Embedded and some company information (from the vendor that originally supplied the PC.)...
  10. M

    Malware/Virus Removal Toolkit?

    I haven't had to deal with this in a while, but I am trying to help out a friend with a particularly bad malware-infected PC. A few years ago there was a kit out there that worked incredibly well, but I cannot remember what it was called. It was basically a bundle of several free programs and...