1. cageymaru

    HTC Vive Pro Eye and HTC Vive Cosmos HMDs Announced at CES 2019

    HTC has announced the all new HTC Vive Pro Eye with foveated rendering and eye tracking. It will blur the details of the screen where the user isn't staring to save system resources. This also allows the image details in the area where the user is staring to be sharper as system resources can be...
  2. AlphaAtlas

    HTC Joins VirtualLink Consortium

    Joining Microsoft, Nvidia, AMD, Occulus, and Valve, HTC Vive officially became a member of the the VirtualLink consortium earlier this week. The VirtualLink standard aims to consolidate all the connectivity required for a VR headset into one USB 3.1 cable. Nvidia's RTX graphics cards already...
  3. cageymaru

    How to Connect an Oculus Rift to the VirtualLink Port on an NVIDIA GeForce RTX Series

    According to testing by Reddit users, the USB-C VirtualLink port on the new NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 can be used with the Oculus Rift VR headset. Reddit user TheDecn accomplished this by using Apple's USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter to hook his Oculus Rift to the VirtualLink port on his RTX...
  4. FrgMstr

    New Cable Standards for Full Motion VR HMDs with VirtualLink

    The VirtualLink Consortium is group of companies that is helping build open standards around Virtual Reality devices and technologies. As you might guess, Valve, Oculus, AMD, and Microsoft are a part of this consortium. Surprisingly NVIDIA is also, even though it is not exactly heralded for...