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    Anyway to use Valve Index with HDMI or TB?

    I got a new laptop which lacks DP and wondering is there a way to get the index to work with it? All I read it will only work with DP. I would like to use the laptop as portable VR system. It has a 3060 in it.
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    Rumor: Valve's Next VR Hardware and (Possible) Handheld

    Recently, two videos have been posted regarding Valve's next steps for VR. One is from Tyler McVicker. The other is from Thrillseeker. I haven't seen much discussion of this online except for a few news outlets that report on rumors and leaks, so I wanted to get people's opinions here...
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    Star Wars Squadrons in VR on Steam...Amazing experience but nauseating

    So I just finished up playing about 30 minutes or so of Star Wars Squadrons in VR using my Valve Index on my current PC that uses a GTX 1080. First, I want to say that the experience is breathtaking. Flying around in a TIE Fighter or an X-Wing is a wonderful experience for those who are fans...