1. Zarathustra[H]

    Facebook Parent Company Meta loses record $230B in one day.

    Meta, newly established parent company of Facebook lost $230 Billion in market value yesterday after Facebook reported its first ever decline in Facebook users. This is the largest single day market capitalization loss of any company. The $230B loss, greater in total value than all but the top...
  2. D

    Best Value 2TB NVMe PCI 3.0 SSD?

    I need a 2TB NVMe SSD to replace my main drive. I'd like it to have a high probability of lasting at least 5 years. Mostly business use, some gaming but nothing serious where the speed difference matters. Occasionally copying large files of about 5GB between drives, but waiting an extra few...
  3. cageymaru

    Corsair K68 Mech Keyboard with Reds (Renewed) $29.99 at Amazon

    Corsair K68 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Cherry MX Red (Renewed) is $29.99 at Amazon. From the product description page on Amazon. Product works and looks like new. Comes with a 90-day warranty. A new Corsair K68 costs $63.15 on Amazon...
  4. cageymaru

    Western Digital Launches Budget WD Blue SN500 NVMe SSD

    Western Digital has announced its new WD Blue SN500 NVMe SSD product line that features budget friendly offerings. The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) in the U.S. is $54.99 USD for 250GB (model number: WDS250G1B0C) and $77.99 USD for 500GB (model number: WDS500G1B0C). The drives...
  5. cageymaru

    Amazon Hits the $1 Trillion Milestone

    Amazon has finally surpassed the $1 trillion milestone after a brief increase in value of 1.9% even though the tech sector has been hammered on the stock exchanges. The value of Amazon stock has tripled in price over the past 3 years. Not bad for Jeff Bezos as he started the company as an...
  6. Zarathustra[H]

    Owners: Are you happy with your VR purchase?

    So, I am considering picking up a Vive for the house for the holidays but I am just not sure. The tech seems pretty damned cool, but every review I read and check out, titles seem like goofy tech demos or silly little Wii games. I could be wrong, but I have yet to see anything that I think...