1. FrgMstr

    New Valve Anti-Cheating Purge

    Steam and its Valve Anti Cheating technology looks to be working overtime in July. In two days Valve banned over 90,000 Steam accounts. VAC bans differ from game-specific bans in that when an account is VAC-banned it is "permanent, non-negotiable, and cannot be removed by Steam Support," and...
  2. FrgMstr

    BOOM! Headshot! Steam VAC Bans 40,000

    It seems as though cheaters love a Steam Sale as much as the rest of us. Over 40,000 Steam accounts were VAC banned the day after the sale ended. The graph is fairly impressive. July 5 was the last day of the Steam Summer Sale; subsequently, Valve cracked down on cheaters the next morning...
  3. U

    Virtual Desktop/GPU Passthough, Not for Valve Games

    Not a heavy gamer these days (perhaps even a filthy casual) but I have friends that play CS:GO so I decided to buy it myself. All my desktops at the moment are VMs running on a pair of Xenservers with GPUs passed-though. After playing a few rounds last night, getting back my CS legs, I found...