1. Probleminfected

    FS: EVGA Power Supplies PSU, G2 - P2 - T2, 750watts - 1600watts, New and Used

    Up for sale 1 - New sealed in box (rma) EVGA P2 1600w - $499 plus shipping 1 - New sealed in box (rma) EVGA G2 1600w - $449 plus shipping 1 - Used EVGA T2 1600w - $449 plus shipping 2 - Used EVGA P2 1600w - $399 plus shipping each 2 - Used EVGA G2 1600w - $349 plus shipping each 1 - Used EVGA...
  2. G

    Anyone out there know what I’d need to run Destiny 2 @ a solid 144 frames?

    Looking to build a PC to play and livestream Destiny 2. Just wondering where I should put my bottom line when it comes to a graphics card. I don’t want to have to have to upgrade it when I get a 144hz monitor, but I don’t think I’ll be playing at 4K or even anything higher than maybe 1440p. I’m...
  3. C


    Hello, Just selling an used MSI motherboard. Please read the ebay read description when looking.
  4. E

    Best Company Warranty for Used cards and 1080 Ti v 2080 v Radeon VII

    I'm having an upgrade itch. Game on a 4K OLED TV. Want to upgrade but also want to save money I considered the 2080 Ti BE but i can't get myself to spend 1000 bucks on GFX card. I'm still a student anyways and even though I can afford it with jobs, it just seems ethically wrong So I started...
  5. R

    EVGA Quietly Changes Warranty Policy

    Long praised for their customer service, and transferable warranty, EVGA has apparently, and very quietly changed their warranty policies as it pertains to used hardware. Any piece of EVGA hardware, including video cards, motherboards, power supplies, cases, laptops or peripherals that were...
  6. H

    FS: LG G5 & Galaxy S7 both UNLOCKED! Price Drop!

    Up for sale is a US Cellular LG G5 (Unlocked) and a AT&T Galaxy S7 Active (Unlocked): LG G5 US992 - $285 OBO (w/o shipping) This is the same as the unlocked RS988 variant (all the same frequencies and bands), except that it is for US Cellular and already has the Android 7.0 Nougat update. It is...
  7. B

    Used Build Estimate & Purchase.

    Hello Everyone. New to the gaming PC world and would like your estimate for this used PC. Specifications: CORSAIR WATERCOOLED 760T GAMING COMPUTER ASUS Z97-AR GAMING BOARD INTEL CORE I5 4590 GIGABYTE WINDFORCE GTX970 8 GB PNY SAMSUNG 850 EVO 250 GB SSD WESTERN DIGITAL 2TB HARD DRIVE CORSAIR...
  8. S

    Dell Inspiron Red 14R N4010 Laptop Windows 7

    Dell Inspiron Red 14R N4010 Laptop Windows 7