1. Cerulean

    Adapter for cloning HDD to M.2 ??

    Greetings! I'm a huge fan of Apricorn's ASW-USB3-25 (SATA to USB3) and AMSW-USB3 (mSATA to USB3) products that use a custom-branded version of HD Clone Pro called EZ Gig IV. It works great, simply, and easily! Now, I am looking for a rock solid reliable USB 3.x tool for M.2 SSDs (multi-key?)...
  2. J

    FS/FT: Corsair H100, XFX 6950, Silverstone USB 3.0 Card

    Hey all, got a couple items for sale or trade. Items I'm looking for are Intel 1155 CPUs, SSDs, and power supplies. 1) XFX 6950 PCIE Video card. 1GB model. This was an RMA for my old 5870 that kicked the bucket. Lived it's life in my wife's rig, most stressful game she played is Second Life...
  3. S

    Found: X79 motherboard with USB3.0 and Xeon E5 v1 support (CLOSED)

    I want to buy a good working condition X79 / 2011 motherboard. I'm not all that picky on the make model, but it must have: USB 3.0 Xeon E5 v1 support (in motherboard CPU support list) Gigabit LAN Multiple PCIe 4x or wider slots I/O Plate Something like an ASRock X79 Extreme6, Gigabyte...