1. cageymaru

    Google Buys Fossil Group Smartwatch Technology for $40 Million

    Google has entered into a deal with Fossil Group to purchase its smartwatch technology that is still in development. The internet giant has also purchased the R&D teams directly involved with developing the secretive technology. Fossil Group will retain 200 members of its R&D team that aren't...
  2. Seankay

    Take Data out of an old SATA Hard Disk to my laptop!

    I have an old hard disk of 40 GBs and it has some data on it which is of a younger me. What is the easiest way to get it out? I don't currently have a PC. I use Laptop. Please help!
  3. T

    Extremely slow shared folder data transfers on server itself.

    Good morning everyone, I am on my old HP EX490 media server doing some much needed maintenance of the files on it and I've come across something quite disturbing to me. I am moving data from one shared folder (videos) to my other shared folder (uTorrent) and the transfer rate is about 4.09...