1. 5150Joker

    BenQ XL2746S - 240 Hz 0.5ms DyAc+ with FreeSync/GSync

    Ordered one of these bad boys on Amazon on Sunday and it was originally scheduled for May 14th thanks to the Chinese Coronavirus but it got bumped up to this Sunday so I'm pretty excited to get it. I'm currently using an Asus PG278Q 144 Hz G-Sync display which has served me really well the last...
  2. T

    Calibration Horrors: Win10-->nVidia-->TN based Dell S2417DG

    Win10prox64/GTX 1080ti/yadda3... Brief: Got 3 calibration variables in the way for color correction. How to keep Win10 out of the loop as much as possible, and how to proceed with calibrating this thing when all panels are different? TL;DR; Ok, I'm yet another person struggling with the...