1. cageymaru

    Wireless Carriers Begin Using Differentiation to Throttle Youtube and Netflix

    In the spirit of the overturning of the net neutrality rules, U.S. telecom companies have begun using differentiation to throttle certain traffic on their networks according to a study by Northeastern University and University of Massachusetts. Differentiation is the practice of giving...
  2. FrgMstr

    New MacBook Pro i9 Slower than the old MacBook Pro i7

    David Lee is upset about the Intel i9 in the new MacBook Pro 15 throttling when using its cores to the fullest. He shows us this happening in the video below. And then he goes as far as putting it in the freezer for testing. (I like this guy.) Bottom line is that the 2017 MacBook Pro i7 is...
  3. DooKey

    Comcast Says it Isn't Throttling Heavy Internet Users Anymore

    Comcast has turned off their congestion management system and is no longer throttling those who go over their data cap. Of course by doing so this allows a user to not notice he's over the limit and keep streaming data at high speed for an additional cost of just $10 per 50GB. However, for the...
  4. NoxTek

    A dud 8700k? (overclocking, that is)

    I wasn't sure if I should drop this here, or in the overclocking subforum... oh well, here is as good a place as any. Anyway.... Did anyone else get an 8700k and wind up with an overclocking turd? Here I see everyone else getting 5ghz with moderate voltages (1.3 to 1.35v, sometimes lower!)...
  5. R

    iPhone Users WIll Be Able to Turn Off Performance Throttling

    Apple CEO TIm Cook has stated in an interview that an upcoming iOS update will give users more information on the health of their devices battery. More importantly the update will give users the option to disable the CPU throttling to maintain normal CPU performance, but will be at risk of...
  6. M

    E5-1650 v4 throttle on Prime-95

    Hi; I'm trying to determine if (what appears to be) unexpected (below base frequency) throttling on my new system is expected or not. When I run various stress test programs like Prime-95 and the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tools Floating Point and Prime number tests, I see the multiplier fall...