1. karsten

    WTB: Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Extreme early gen

    Hoping someone has a X1 Extreme Gen 1/2 for sale. thanks
  2. R

    Which distro to install on IBM ThinkPad x41 (Centrino 1.5Ghz/1.5GB RAM)? Want to learn Linux on it..

    I have an IBM ThinkPad X41 laptop with an Intel Pentium M 1.5Ghz CPU and 1.5GB DDR2 and a 40GB ATA hard drive (It's one of those 1.8 inch 9mm ones, I believe... not even a FULL 2.5 inch one). It's a tablet with pen input available. I don't think I can put in any more RAM and I don't know if...
  3. Z

    FS: $650 Thinkpad X1 Carbon i7 + Thinkpad E560 i7 + Bonus

    Hello, Just moving into a new laptop so clearing out 2x Thinkpads that I no longer need. The X1 is a 4th gen and was used for about 1 year with some wear on the top lid. The E560 was used for less than 1 month and is basically in new condition. Both have fresh Windows 10 installs and ready...
  4. karsten

    FS: Lenovo Thinkpad batteries (T440s etc)

    I have both an internal and external battery from an off-lease T440s I upgraded. They had about 70% capacity if my memory serves me. Should be compatible with several similar models (T440/T550) Asking $50 for both of them together.
  5. NoxTek

    FS: Thinkpad E570 - i7-7500U, 16GB, GTX 950M, 256GB SSD, 500GB HDD $280

    All prices are FIRM and include USPS Priority Mail shipping to anywhere in the continental US unless otherwise noted. Payment via PayPal Only at this time. Will not ship first, and will only deal with people with established heatware or sufficient [H] tenure (my discretion). Heatware: 88-0-0...
  6. T

    FS FT Lenovo ThinkPad T440

    150 USD or best offer free shipping to the 48 states ThinkPad T440 Core i5-4200U 4GB RAM standard mechanical HDD (please ask and I will look up the capacity) the original battery, a newer extended battery and the AC adapter are included I got this in a craigslist trade a while back and never...
  7. kingdom9214

    FS: Lenovo P50 Thinkpad

    I'm selling my Lenovo Thinkpad P50 due to using my Surface more and more. The laptop is in perfect condition with no scratches or dings on it. It comes with just the laptop and charger, since I didn't buy the dock. I'm asking $700 shipped OBO. I accept Paypal and will only ship to verified...
  8. T

    Most recent ThinkPad T-Series with an optical drive

    What are the most recent ThinkPad T-Series that had an optical drive available? Is there anything more recent than T440p or T440? I am more interested in 14-inch displays instead of larger screens. After searching around I didn't find anything definitive. (Maybe I'm just blind.) Edit: It...
  9. A

    FS: Thinkpad T420 / W510

  10. Etherton

    WTB: Thinkpad X230 or X220 Tablet

    Looking for a Thinkpad X230 Tablet. Great condition or better - no beaters. Please PM me your asking price, photos, details and references. Might be interested in the X220 Tablet as well. Looking for an i5, 8gb+ and SSD (the latter two are user changeable though). I'm watching a few on eBay so I...
  11. P

    ThinkPad T or X series

    Hi all, I need some help deciding and could use your help. First let me describe what I use my laptop for now. I need word processor (apart for MS office, I also run cygwin so I can use emacs), web surfing (mainly for research, news, etc., and very rarely youtube videos), and reading pdf...