the looking glass

  1. lostinseganet

    Not to be left behind look its "The looking glass 65"

    They took their 8k monitor version and up sized it to 65 inches with 60 fps and 50 different people can watch it at the same time!
  2. lostinseganet

    The Looking Glass gets even better by upping their gaming to 8K rez

    Wow an 8K resolution monitor like this must be a wonderful look into 3D's future. [Keep watching there is more monitor than what's shown in the thumbnail.]
  3. lostinseganet

    The Looking Glass (3D piece of hardware allowing creators to preview in 3D needing only your eyes)

    Now this is one cool piece of tech for people who want to create 3D content, but don't want to put anything on their face to see how it could actually look in 3d. Pricey though... $599 for the small version, and $3000 for the big version...