1. AlphaAtlas

    Facebook is Allegedly Developing a Stablecoin

    Citing anonymous sources, Bloomberg claims that Facebook is developing its own cryptocurrency for WhatsApp transfers. More specifically, they're said to be developing a "stablecoin." Unlike high profile cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, which make up the bulk of the cryptocurrency...
  2. R

    Bitcoin Prices Were Manipulated

    Finance professor John Griffin, and graduate student Amin Shams from the University of Texas have posted a paper showing that the price of Bitcoin may have been manipulated late last year when it's price ran up to record highs according to an article from The Hill. The paper states: "By mapping...
  3. D

    Digital Radio / Speaker

    Hello, Bit of an odd requirement :) Looking for a radio for my dad who wants to listen to an international radio station outside. I want to have it setup where he can turn the device on / off and select a pre-configured station via the device. The station is not available locally on AM / FM...