1. Zarathustra[H]

    WTB: 3rd gen EPYC (Milan) 24+ cores, Supermicro H12SSL (any version, must fit EATX), either 16GB*8 or 32GB*8 Compatible Registered DDR4

    Hey all, I might finally be pulling the trigger on the LONG overdue server upgrade. I'm tired of dealing with potentially scummy sellers on eBay, so I decided I might as well at least ask here first to see if anyone is getting rid of what I am looking for. If that is you, let me know! Not...
  2. R

    USB disconnects continously & problems at firmware startup

    I've got a server h/w supermicro X10SRA-F mobo that has been used for years as a desktop with the same configuration. But the last 3 months or so, I'm having problems, and I can't narrow it down. on restart, it usually won't boot, unless I disconnect most of the USB peripherals, and fully...
  3. N

    SRC Computers X5DL8-GG

    SRC Computers Mapstation 2.4ghz Hi Everyone, I have a couple older servers bought from University Auction that I couldn't identify. This one in particular is of interest, open box never used. It's got a Supermicro X5DL8-GG motherboard, looks loaded everything in tact. When I tried to boot it...
  4. Zarathustra[H]

    FS: Supermicro BPN-SAS2-846EL1 Backplane with SAS Expander

    For sale is a Backplane (with metal bracket) I removed from my Supermicro SC846 chassis. The Backplane has an internal SAS expander and is designed to be connected to your SAS Raid Card (or HBA) with a single 4x SFF-8087 cable. (Can accept adapter cables for SFF-8643 controllers) It is...
  5. karsten

    FS: Supermicro X9DRi-F dual Xeon 2011 C602 motherboard, Dual Xeon E5-2643 v2, 8x8GB DDR3 RAM combo

    Selling this fine workstation/server cpu/motherboard combo (no case/PSU). It's blazing fast and can handle any work load. 30k Geekbench results: Supermicro X9DRi-F dual Xeon 2011 C602 motherboard (flashed to latest BIOS) Dual Xeon E5-2643 v2...
  6. R

    FS: delete

  7. M

    Help understanding backplane on a SC933 Chassis

    Hello, I was gifted a SC933 chassis (without motherboard). I have checked and found that it got a backplane with Single Host Bus Adapter ( page C-12). What kind of HBA do I need. I have one of these (
  8. AlphaAtlas

    SuperMicro Wants to Re-Enter the Gaming Motherboard Market

    SuperMicro is a huge name in the server motherboard business, and there was a time when they were a go-to manufacturer of consumer and enthusiast motherboards. While the company technically still has a "gaming" lineup that stretches to the Z390 generation, SuperMicro's boards are relatively...
  9. AlphaAtlas

    Supermicro Says They Found No Spy Chips in Their Motherboards

    Following a lengthy investigation, Supermicro sent an open letter to their customers claiming that they "found absolutely no evidence of malicious hardware on our motherboards." The company hired a "leading, third party investigations firm" to assist with the review, and they tested both newer...
  10. AlphaAtlas

    Supermicro is Investigating Bloomberg's Allegations

    Reuters reports that Supermicro is looking for spy chips on their motherboards. In a letter to customers, the manufacturer denies the allegations Bloomberg made over two weeks ago, claiming that such a device would be "technically implausible." There are safeguards in Supermicro's supply chain...
  11. cageymaru

    Evidence of Supermicro Infected Hardware Found at U.S. Telecom

    Bloomberg says that security expert Yossi Appleboum has found evidence of altered Supermicro hardware in a major U.S. telecom's network. Mr. Appleboum has worked for the Israeli Army Intelligence Corps and is now co-chief executive officer of Sepio Systems in Gaithersburg, Maryland. His...
  12. K

    FS Lots of DDR3 ECC RAM, Intel Xeon E3-1246 v3, SuperMicro board combos, Lots of TP-Link Modems

    Good afternoon all! Looking to get rid of some stuff that I've been collecting for a while. All prices include shipping and are negotiable. Heatware 111-0-0 All memory has been memtested before listing for sale, all HDDs have passed short and long SMART tests before listing for sale. Vantec 3...
  13. DooKey

    Firmware Vulnerabilities Disclosed in Supermicro Server Products

    If you own or support Supermicro products you should be aware there are some vulnerabilities in the configuration of some motherboards. This vulnerability is only able to be exploited if the malicious software is already running on the system, but it does have the nasty ability to hide in the...
  14. E

    NAS and ESXi Mobo/CPU/RAM Replacement options

    Hi All, I'm about to spec out a replacement of the pro-consumer hardware I have been using in my home built NAS and Whitebox ESXi build, and I'm look for some recommendations on Intel Mobo's, CPU's and RAM. Current Specs; ESXi 6.5 Box Mobo:GA-990FX-UD5 CPU: AMD FX Octocore 3Ghz Mem: 32GB...
  15. S

    Supermicro X9SRL iommu groups

    Does anybody have a listing of iommu groups in the Supermicro X9SRL(-F)?
  16. Z

    FS: 1.2TB Intel DC P3600 NVMe + more ($1,500)

    Hello, I'm looking to sell my NVMe lab! I bought 4x Intel DC P3600 ES 1.2TB 2.5" drives around 1 year ago and have only used them a handful of times for testing. (100% drive health) One drive I tried to flash and upgrade but has caused it to show (0%) health and is not working (yellow...
  17. D

    FS: Server and 4U Server Chassis

    Morning all, I have some stuff to move...Before I move! 1 - Dell SE2717H FreeSync Monitor: I bought this monitor earlier in the year around June. I love it with my RX480 Strix, but the problem is no VESA. So I bought the VESA adapter and it works just great! But, if you are a whole arm...
  18. K

    Supermicro X10DRH-iT support CentOS 6.8?

    Need to know for sure that this motherboard with an LSI 3008 HBA will support CentOS 6.8. On Supermicro's website, they only list version 6.6 and 7.0 for 64 bit support. Version 6.8 isn't even listed, so I am guessing it was...
  19. M

    Supermicro Mini-ITX 8 Core Server Board w/16gb Kingston ECC RAM

    Purchased to use in a NAS that never formulated. There are plenty reviews online regarding this board so I wont go into how capable it is, the features outnumber all the cool things you can do with you fingers and toes. Kingston was nice enough to provide 16gb (2x 8Gb) sticks of ECC RAM at MSRP...
  20. N

    Areca 1882i/1883i slow raid 5/6 writes

    Hi all, Sorry this turned into a TL:DR. I am in the process of setting up a new home storage server and I am experiencing very bad write speeds on both an Areca 1882i and 1883i. The current setup is the following: HDDs:12x Seagate ST3000VN000 3TB 5900RPM (8 of the drives are ~14 months old...
  21. M

    Supermicro X9DRL-3F - Won't show 64 GB RAM installed

    Hello guys. I'm new in the forum and I'm hoping I can get some help with my issue. I've recently bought a SuperMicro X9DRL-3F, running with an Intel Xeon Processor E5-2603 v2 and 64 GB RAM (Samsung 64GB 8x8GB 2Rx4 PC3-10600R DDR3 1333Mhz 240PIN Registered ECC REG Memory). I've installed ESXi 6...
  22. R

    Massive headache with SAS-826EL1 and 3ware 9750-8i

    I spent quite some time researching but didn't come across too many issues checking compatibility docs but I'm really banging my head into a wall here. This could be long, I would appreciate any comments/suggestions afterwards, on with the debacle. Bought a Supermicro 826E1-R800UB with the...
  23. T

    How big a PSU for 24 drives in Norco RPC-4224?

    Hello, I have picked up the parts required for my build. I will be building this over time but do need to get a PSU from the start. Anybody has a recommendation on PSU should i use? The Norco case will require 6 molex for the back plane. The case fans also require molex but I think I can...
  24. R

    Fractal Design Define XL R2 with EE-ATX board?

    Hi this is my fist post here. I'm a Comp Sci student looking to do my first serious build using server components to build a workstation/server for doing virtualization as well as experimenting with distributed systems like Hadoop, Spark, Mesos etc... For this build, I've purchased a...
  25. B

    Case for JBOD/DAS + Remote "turn on" PSU

    Hello everyone. I am in search of a case, near mid-tower size to handle at least 15HDD for a DAS/JBOD. The cheapest options I found are based on those 9-bay DVD Duplicators. I woud then use 3x (3x5.25 to 5x3.5) backplanes to hold 15 HDDs. Output would be from a HP SAS Expander to an Areca 1880...
  26. M

    NH-U9DO A3 for 140W opteron & OC.

    I cant buy any coolers for G34 opterons besides nh-u9do a3 in my country, and shipping is not an option since it costs more then the coolers themselfes (modding coolers and water cooling is also not an option). I will be upgrading later to 140W opteron 6300 series and on noctua website it says...
  27. M

    H8QGI+-F bios corrupted

    I was having issues getting into the bios on reboot and decided to flash it to the latest. I tried using the USB drive/rename the bios file to super.rom method. It seemed to work and the computer beeped 4 times and rebooted, but ever since it won't post. I contacted supermicro and they said...