strategy games

  1. cageymaru

    Total War: Rome II Developers Issue Statement on Criticisms of Female Generals Feature

    As the "review bombing" of the strategy game Total War: Rome II continues on Steam, Creative Assembly has issued a statement meant to address criticisms of the game's portrayal of female generals and their historical relevancy. First they addressed the accusations that they increased the spawn...
  2. psychopass472

    Empires War

    Saw an ad. on FB occasionally which recommend a game called Empires War, saying like the mobie version of AOE. Since I played AOE in my childhood, I tried this game as well. If anyone like playing RTS, it's worth a try. and welcome to my alliance LOL :jimlad:
  3. cageymaru

    The Banner Saga 2

    The Banner Saga 2. 86/100 score from PC Gamer. They love the story and combat improvements over the first game. The Banner Saga 2 review | PC Gamer A handsome and brutal strategy sequel that benefits from a range of intelligent improvements Steam page. Game unlocks today. Save 10% on The...