1. FrgMstr

    Steam Rolls Out New and Improved Wishlist

    Steam has added Wishlist filters that will allow you to now sort by discount percentage, which I am sure everyone will that likes Steam Sales will appreciate. You will now also be able to sort by game genre, early access, and unreleased games as well. Also, once you get your filters dialed in...
  2. DooKey

    Valve Throws Insel Games off of Steam for Manipulating Game Reviews

    The Valve folks have kicked game developer Insel Games off of Steam for manipulating game reviews. Apparently, a redditor posted an internal email from the CEO that encouraged his employees to review their games on Steam. Valve investigated the issue and booted Insel Games. Moral of the story...
  3. R

    Fallout 4 Free Weekend On PC

    Fallout 4 is free to play this weekend according to a twitter post from fallout. In case you havn't played the post-apocalyptic RPG yet, you can give it a try for free this weekend. And if you like it, it's on sale for $15 until Feb. 12th. I still have yet to finish Fallout 4. I got to a place...
  4. GameLifter

    Xbox One Controller Vibration Issue on Windows 10/Steam

    For quite a while I've been experiencing an odd issue with the vibration feature on my Xbox One controller when being used on Windows 10 with Steam. What happens is the vibration intensity varies greatly between each time it's activated. For example, in Doom when I jump or fire my weapon causing...
  5. DooKey

    Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Sets a Record of 3M Concurrent Players on Steam

    PUBG has set a new record of 3M concurrent players on Steam. However, to further put this number in perspective, 1.5M bans have been handed out since it's been out. I can't believe how popular it is and it just keeps growing and growing. However, I haven't tried it, but I'll give it shot...
  6. cageymaru

    The Game Awards Show Is Live

    The Game Awards show is now live and you can win games for watching it. You can watch in the Steam client also. It is in the banner on the Steam client.
  7. DooKey

    Steam No Longer Accepting Bitcoin Payments

    Valve announced today that they are no longer going to accept bitcoin as payment for games on Steam. They say that the cryptocurrency is too volatile over the last few months and it's just not worth the trouble to them or their customers to continue using bitcoin as payment. Furthermore, until...
  8. Armenius

    Steam is no longer supporting Bitcoin

    TL;DR The increased volatility of its value and high transaction fees are no longer economically feasible. RIP
  9. H

    FS/FT: $30 DiRT Rally/Rise Tomb Raider/Quake Champions Plus (STEAM)

    I am selling 3 Steam games, all for $30: DiRT Rally, Quake Champions & Rise of the Tomb Raider (all redeemable on Steam). Quake Champions includes a Ranger champion and the champion BJ BLASKOWICZ from WOLFENSTEIN; as well as 50 Shards, 100 Platinum, and 2000 Favor. I am open to trades, and I...
  10. Armenius

    Mafia is Once Again Availble for Purchase on Steam

    It's the GOG version. If you already owned the original it will be patched to this version, but the original music will be available as a "DLC" for original owners. If you're buying it now you can find instructions on how to restore the original music here.
  11. B

    Is Lone Echo an Oculus exclusive forever?

    I headed over to Steam to pick up Lone Echo. Hmm not there. (quick google) Ah, it's one of the Oculus exclusives. Has there been news about when Oculus exclusives will move to Steam? Are they shackled to the Oculus Store forever? I refuse to buy games that I'll lose when I leave the Rift...
  12. M

    Killer Instinct Out on Steam

    Any fighting game fans holding out for a Steam release will not have to wait anymore. Microsoft Studios has finally released Killer Instinct on Steam. Developed by Iron Galaxy, this reboot of the franchise brings the classic arcade fighter into the modern era. Previously available for free on...
  13. M

    Valve Introduces Histogram to Combat Review Bombing

    Facing a recent trend of "review-bombing," Valve has launched a histogram feature for each game's page. The histograms will provide a snapshot of review trends of the particular game as certain users are targeting developers who's action they disagree with and putting up negatively reviews not...
  14. S

    No guardian system in Steam VR games

    My guardian system works perfectly in Rift games but when running steam VR games like Rec Room, there is no guardian system. Any idea why its not showing up in steam VR games? I do have oculus home running as well as steam VR. Thanks..
  15. J

    Steam on old hardware

    Got a 16 year old neighbor who needs a computer. He wants to play some Steam games, and the computers I can give him are very old. Would an AMD Phenom II x 4 830 be better than an Intel Q9550? What about a G3220? Each system would have 8GB DDR3 and a low end NVidia video card. (GT 730 or...
  16. FrgMstr

    BOOM! Headshot! Steam VAC Bans 40,000

    It seems as though cheaters love a Steam Sale as much as the rest of us. Over 40,000 Steam accounts were VAC banned the day after the sale ended. The graph is fairly impressive. July 5 was the last day of the Steam Summer Sale; subsequently, Valve cracked down on cheaters the next morning...
  17. C

    My screen freezes in Mortal Kombat X on RX 460 4GB but I can still hear sound

    After playing 5-6 matches with my friend, screen just freezes during match. I am not sure if this could be an issue but I am playing pirate version ( don't blame me for that, I am going to buy original version tonight, but I am not sure should I because of this issue). I am running the game...
  18. R

    Payday 2 Available Free

    Payday 2 is releasing an Ultimate Edition and removing the DLC from the store, but they're giving away 5 million copies of the base game on Steam for free. I've logged a ton of hours in Payday 2. While I got a bit burned out, and stopped playing around the time of the microtransaction fiasco...
  19. M

    Tekken 7 Releases Worldwide

    Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc has unleashed Tekken 7 onto the world. Running on Epic's Unreal Engine 4, the game runs at a blistering 60fps. With a roster of over 30 characters, returning characters include Hiehachi Kazuma, Paul Phoenix, and many more. New fighters entering the battle are...
  20. R

    Steam Direct Fee Announced

    Steam announced today the pricing structure for the new Steam Direct system at $100 recoupable fee per submission. This is the program that will be replacing Greenlight, which had a fee of $100 per developer. Steam announced back in January of 2014 that it would be replacing the current...
  21. Bees

    Music License Expiration Ends Alan Wake Digital Sales

    If you have ever been curious about the horror action-adventure title Alan Wake, this weekend may be your last opportunity to purchase a digital copy. Remedy Entertainment, the studio behind the game, announced via Twitter news of the expiring music licenses. Artists such as Harry Nilsson, David...
  22. cageymaru

    Valve Promotes Transparency With the Steam Support Update and Stats Page

    Valve has rolled out their Steam support update and a new stats page, to give transparency to the experience that users get when using Steam support. The stats that Valve tossed around in this blog post detail the average number of various functions fulfilled by the Steam support staff in a...
  23. FrgMstr

    Don't Like Prey - Return it on Steam

    So there has been quite a bit of discussion about the Prey demo being a console-only release. And we are not the only ones that felt like the game was telegraphing suckage by doing so. So much in fact that Arkane Studios talked specifically about Prey being optimized for PC so as to not be a...
  24. S

    Galactic Civilizations I: Ultimate Edition free on Humble Bundle (Ended April 25)

    Deal ended April 25th. Original Post: Go to Scroll down and there is a section to get emailed a Steam key. No need to subscribe to either newsletter. "Enter your email address below and we'll send you a Steam key for free! All you need is a...
  25. MavericK

    Steam VR Anniversary Sale

    Thought it was worth posting - some decent deals on games, including stuff like Job Simulator which has never been discounted before (to my knowledge).
  26. FrgMstr

    Steam - Big Data, Crowdsourcing, Explorers, & Curators @ [H]

    Steam - Big Data, Crowdsourcing, Explorers, & Curators - Have you ever used Steam to shop for a new game, when you did not know exactly what you wanted to buy, and found its way of organizing and sharing information with you a bit archaic? Me too! John Bain, aka TotalBiscuit is Steam's top...
  27. U

    Virtual Desktop/GPU Passthough, Not for Valve Games

    Not a heavy gamer these days (perhaps even a filthy casual) but I have friends that play CS:GO so I decided to buy it myself. All my desktops at the moment are VMs running on a pair of Xenservers with GPUs passed-though. After playing a few rounds last night, getting back my CS legs, I found...
  28. cageymaru


    $20 Everything beneath this message is old. Bayonetta is out! 8-bit is gone forever from Steam. 8 bit Bayonetta? April fools joke from 2010. Seems to be a port of this from back in the day. What is this countdown timer? Those shoes in the...
  29. cageymaru

    Twitch to Sell Games to Support Streamers This Spring

    Twitch has partnered with various video game publishers to sell games directly through the Twitch streaming service. For example your account through Ubisoft's UPLAY can be linked to your Twitch account. If your favorite streamer is streaming a Ubisoft game, then there will be a buy option at...
  30. cageymaru

    Steam Tax Coming to Ten Countries and More on the Way

    Valve is going to be adding a tax to purchases on it's Steam platform for some countries. In Australia it is a 10% Goods and Services tax, but in others it might be more or less as it depends on locale. This doesn't mean that the price of games will go up though; the publishers and Valve could...
  31. DeaconFrost

    Reinstall Question - Download Services

    I'm planning a reinstall of my OS for various reasons, including getting a new primary SSD. I currently have Steam, UPlay, and Origin installed, with games downloaded from each service. My setup currently uses one SSD for the OS and applications, with the games stored on a second SSD in...
  32. cageymaru

    Steam Discovery 2.0 Analytics and Welcome to Steam Direct

    An in depth Steam Discovery 2.0 analysis has been released by Valve. Steam Discovery 2.0 was released late last year onto the Steam platform as a way for customers to find games that they are interested in and what games their friends are playing. The basic premise is that if Valve can show a...
  33. Zarathustra[H]

    EU Antitrust Commission Opens Investigations into Asus and Valve

    The European Antitrust Commission announced in a press release today that they have opened three separate investigations into anti-competitive practices in e-commerce in the areas of consumer electronics, video games and hotels. The consumer electronics investigation is looking into whether...
  34. FrgMstr

    Linux Soup OS Comparison For Intel Steam Gaming

    If you are one of "those guys," this is for you! Do the names Ubuntu, Clear, Fedora, Intel, and Steam mean anything to you? If not, it is highly unlikely you will give a damn about this review. However, if you do, the guys at Phoronix have a good write-up for you. Windows vs Linux next time...
  35. cageymaru

    XBOX and X-Input controllers can be customized like a Steam Controller in latest Steam Beta.

    XBOX and X-Input controllers can be customized like a Steam Controller in latest Steam Beta. Basically it will allow you to customize the XBOX 360 & XBOX One controllers and X-Input controllers...
  36. H

    Windows 10 surpasses 50% share in Steam's Hardware Survey

    Happy New Year! And new month which brings the same argument on the 1st of the month as usual. Whatever issues Windows 10 is having, the Steam Hardware Survey hasn't been one of them:
  37. Z

    Oculus and Steam VR Friends List

    Oculus (Ziontrain) Steam (Hopex) I play The Unspoken, Dead and Buried, and The Pier Arcade. Please add me and lets get some good multiplayer goin. Sorry if there is already a list like this being made.
  38. H

    Serious Sam VR: The First Encounter Now On Steam Early Access

    I just noticed that Serious Sam VR: The First Encounter is now on Steam Early Access. 16-player co-op in VR sounds like it would be a blast. If you want to know what it's going to take to run SSVR:TFE, you might want to check out our recent VR performance evaluation of Serious Sam VR: The Last...
  39. H

    VR Funhouse Adds Steam Achievements, Holiday Mods, and More

    VR Funhouse has been a rousing success, with over 165,000 downloads on Steam, and now it’s also available on the Oculus Store. One thing VR gamers asked us for was the ability to track their achievements through Steam so today we are giving them that chance. Now you can compete for highest score...
  40. noclevername

    FS: Killing Floor 2 Digital Deluxe Edition Upgrade and Killing Floor + Killing Floor Mod

    This is not the base game but upgrade/DLC. This is a key for steam unused. Heatware $10 on steam asking $7 It includes: DJ Scully character, with unique voice pack and set of face/body skins Additional cosmetic items (each with multiple selectable variants): “Scullyphones” headphones for DJ...