steam machine

  1. FrgMstr

    Valve -Steam Machines and Linux Gaming NOT Dead

    Pierre-Loup from the Valve Corporation has addressed the controversial removal of Steam Machines from the Steam Store that made the rumor mill. He says that they aren't actually removed from the Steam Store, but are simply in hiding behind relevant and thus much better selling products in the...
  2. cageymaru

    Falcon Northwest Tiki VR Ready PC. Same size as a XBOX One but has Dual Fiji inside.

    Roy shows off Falcon Northwest Dual Fiji PC's. 12TB of Compute performance. Roy Taylor on Twitter WCCFTECH article say 9x the power of a XBOX One and 7x that of a PS4. Double the Compute of a Titan X. AMD Teases DX12, VR Ready PCs - 9x Faster Than XBOX One, 7x Faster Than PS4 Yet Just As Small