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  1. Armenius

    Steam Link now supports playing Steam VR games wirelessly on Meta Quest headsets

    Looks like a NVIDIA GPU is required?
  2. Diablo2K

    FS: Steam Link and Xbox Series X/S Controller.

    I have for sale a "Vintage" Steam Link. It is in really good condition. I have openend it up to see why it is so dang heavy for it's size. There is a solid block of metal there using as a heatsink. It has no fins, just a plain block of metal, not sure what as it is pretty heavy for it's size...
  3. G

    WTB steam link

    I can't find my steam link after a move. Anyone have one they are not using and want to sell? PM me Thanks
  4. cageymaru

    Steam Link Anywhere Enables Game Streaming over the Internet

    Valve has announced Steam Link Anywhere which allows Steam users to stream their games from their PC to their other computers over the internet or Wi-Fi, as long as their computer has good upload speed and their Steam Link device has a good network connection. I confirmed that I could stream...
  5. cageymaru

    The Steam Link App Is Now in Beta on Raspberry Pi

    The Steam Link app is now available in beta on the Raspberry Pi 3 and 3 B+ running Raspbian Stretch. I'm glad to see Valve Software creating this outlet for users that want the hardware functionality of the Steam Link. Of course the original Steam Link is now discontinued as the Steam Store...
  6. cageymaru

    The Supply of Steam Link Hardware Is Almost Gone

    Valve has announced that the Steam Link is sold out in Europe and supplies in America are nearly depleted. Valve will continue supporting the existing Steam Link hardware in the future. The Steam Link App seems to have taken precedence over the hardware as it features on-screen touch controls...
  7. cageymaru

    Steam Link App Update Adds On-Screen Touch Controls for Mobile Devices

    The Steam Link app has gotten a new Beta update and it adds on-screen touch controls to the app. This means that you no longer need to use a controller with your Steam Link to play games on devices such as mobile phones. It even taps into the phone's gyro and vibration features to allow for a...
  8. FrgMstr

    Steam Link $2.50

    Nope, not a typo. The Steam Link is $2.50. Now the question is, and tell us in the HardForum, what kind of hacks are there out for these. Play your Steam games on any TV in the house with Steam Link. Setup is easy. Just connect your Steam Link to your TV and home network, where it will...
  9. M

    Test Steam Streaming on Samsung TV

    For any of our users that have a 2016 or 2017 Samsung UHD TV, Samsung has begun the beta test for their upcoming integration of Valve's Steam Link into their current line of TVs. The App can be found on the Samsung Smart Hub in the TV's menu and will allow users to stream 1080p and 60fps from...
  10. N

    DEAD: Steam Link $19.99 @ Amazon 11/23/16 (Normally $49.99)