1. FrgMstr

    Alibaba and Microsoft AI Smarter than Stanford Grads

    I know all you guys out there at UC Berkeley are nodding your heads saying, "How could AI NOT be smarter than a Stanford grad?" but I digress. The basis of the headline statement lies in a Stanford University Reading and Comprehension testing database. AI technologies from both Alibaba and...
  2. DooKey

    Li-ion Batteries Blow Up Because They Breed Nanowire Crystals

    Thanks to researchers at Stanford we are getting closer to finally figuring out why Li-ion batteries are blowing up. They published this paper on Thursday. Basically growths called dendrites pierce through the separator, a membrane placed in between the cathode and anode causing a short...
  3. DooKey

    Stanford Researchers Build an Earthquake Observatory With Optical Fibers

    Every major city these days has optical fiber networks buried all over the place carrying data. Researchers at Stanford want to use these optical fibers to double up as seismic sensors for monitoring and studying earthquakes. For people in earthquake prone areas this could really aid in...