1. Pieter3dnow

    Windows 10 unbootable fix meltdown spectre

  2. FrgMstr

    Intel Random Restart Bug & Data Center Performance After Patches

    Back on January 11, Intel started seeing reports of random system reboots after applying Meltdown and Spectre patches on Intel Broadwell and Haswell CPUs. Seems as if this was not an isolated occurrence and this has now been verified with other Intel partners. And this looks to be hammering a...
  3. S

    Overclocking apps broken after Meltdown/Spectre Windows Patch

    Hi folks, I've come to find that my system has become unstable after enjoying nearly a year of light overclocking after installing the Windows update for the Meltdown patch. Firstly my OC (may not reflect outdated specs in sig sorry): 7700k, 4.8Ghz, 1.24v (4.5 Ring + 4.5 AVX @ 1.21v) MSI...
  4. R

    UEFI BIOS Updates For Spectre

    With the Spectre vulnerability exposed, Intel is rushing out new microcode, and motherboard manufacturers are working hard to get BIOS updates released. The news today about InSpectre got us thinking, have there been any BIOS updates for our machines, and will there be? It looks like X99 is as...
  5. R

    New Tool Detects If Your PC Is Vulnerable To Meltdown And Spectre

    Gibson Research has released a new tool called InSpectre to detect if your PC is vulnerable to Meltdown and Spectre. The tiny 122 KB program runs in place and checks identifiers as well as Microsoft updates to be sure you are protected from these flaws. Very cool little piece of software...
  6. DooKey

    Meltdown/Spectre Firmware Updates Causing Reboots for Some Intel Customers

    Intel is currently looking into reports that some of its customers are experiencing reboots in systems that update to the latest firmware for Meltdown/Spectre mitigation. The systems affected are running Broadwell and Haswell processors. However, Intel still recommends end-users should apply...
  7. FrgMstr

    Intel Publishes In-House Security Fix Benchmarks for Desktop

    If you are not now aware of the Meltdown and Spectre attacks, you are probably not reading this. Intel has now come out with client-side benchmarks (PDF pictured below) that show the impact of its security fixes using SYSmark, PCMark, and 3DMark on Coffee Lake, Kaby Lake and Skylake...
  8. S

    Confused about Spectre/Meltdown and BIOS/Firmware/Microcode updates

    At work, machines are either HP or Dell. Easy to go to their website and download the latest BIOS to update the microcode. Install the OS patch, then use the speculation powershell cmdlet to verify protection - all green. Now what about ancient CPUs like Q6600? What about custom build...
  9. DooKey

    IBM Struggling to Deliver Meltdown/Spectre Patches

    According to internal papers that The Register has seen IBM is having big trouble delivering Meltdown/Spectre patches to their customers. Evidently they haven't been able to set up processes to respond to issues after patching and are writing an Excel spreadsheet to track actions taken. I feel...
  10. FrgMstr

    Windows Systems Performance Impacts from Spectre and Meltdown

    There has been a lot of discussion about Spectre and Meltdown since last week and now Microsoft has something to say about Windows Systems performance after patching. In general, our experience is that Variant 1 and Variant 3 mitigations have minimal performance impact, while Variant 2...
  11. FrgMstr

    Microsoft Spectre v1 Patches Borking Older AMD Systems

    You may have seen that Microsoft has halted distributing security patches related to GPZ Variant 1 (one of the variants of Spectre) due to the update causing some older AMD systems to get into an unbootable state. Wanted to make it clear this patch is to address GPZ Variant 1 (one of the...
  12. DooKey

    Microsoft Meltdown/Spectre Patch May Bork Athlon Systems

    Over at answers.microsoft.com there's a long thread where Athlon CPU users are experiencing issues with the Meltdown/Spectre patch. KB4056892 appears to prevent a boot of the system after the patch is installed. In some instances a complete reinstall fixes the issue, but the update will once...
  13. DooKey

    Intel Releasing Updates That Immunize Systems Against Meltdown and Spectre

    Intel has released a PR statement saying they have released updates for Meltdown and Spectre that make systems immune from both exploits. Supposedly they are doing this with firmware and software patches. Also, they will have updates issued for 90% of the processors introduced over the last 5...