1. cageymaru

    SoftBank Dumped Its NVIDIA Stock

    The SoftBank Vision Fund has become soft on NVIDIA as it has reportedly sold all of the $3.63 billion in shares it had invested in the company. NVIDIA has seen its share price cut in half over the past 4 months and recently cut its financial guidance for Q4 2019. In its third-quarter earnings...
  2. cageymaru

    NVIDIA Leads the Race to the Bottom As Its Stock Takes a 54% Hit in 4Q18

    Wall Street investors are fleeing chip stocks as AMD, Micron, NVIDIA and others are getting hammered by a bear market. The honeymoon is over for stock market darling NVIDIA whose meteoric rise from early 2016 through September 2018 has turned into a meteor shower. NVIDIA has lost 54% of its...
  3. R

    Robots Want Bitcoins Or They Will Kill Us All!

    In an interesting blog post from IOActive, they have created a proof of concept ransomware attack on robots. Robots are getting more and more common, in businesses, homes, and schools. The SoftBank Pepper robot has over 20,000 units in use in businesses, and the NAO has over 10,000. These robots...
  4. M

    SoftBank Buys Boston Dynamics

    The mech future is steadily approaching. Alphabet Inc, parent company of Google, has agreed to sell two of its firms, Boston Dynamics and Tokyo-based Schaft. Both are in the business of designing and manufacturing robots that simulate human movement. The venture is being backed by Vision fund, a...