1. C

    Need insight on r9 380 MOSFETs (1) + GTX 950 memory related electronics (2)

    Hello, i have 2 separate mysteries that can be summed up in one thread, and i'm pretty new to electronics so i figured you guys could help me out. 1) Asus Strix r9 380 2gb - during Furmark stress test VRM Temperature in hwinfo64 goes up to 130 C when it throttles for it to cool off, during...
  2. D

    GTX 1080 strix no output / 5V rail missing

    Hi everybody i'm new here and i'm trying to learn soldering ! I ve got a gtx 1080 strix with no display, show in device manager but crash when driver installed (nvlddmkm.sys BSOD) I ve flash vbios many times with no error (100% please reboot to take effect) When i ve opened the card, and tested...
  3. postcd

    Likelyhood of damaging computer motherboard by a damaged/shorted USB peripheral?

    Hello, i am having several computers and one USB 3.0 hub (has its own optional power supply) and this hub PCB (printed circuit board) may have short circuit or be somehow electicaly damaged. How likely it is that when i connect this hub to the USB port of the computer and connect USB flash...