1. Ins0mnyteq

    SOLD: Qnap TS-453A

    For sale is my for NAS i used for backups, Comes with no drives, Clean unit has a small ding on the top otherwise is mint condition. upgraded to 8GB of RAM , HYPER-X Impact here are the specs from the website Looking to get $275+shipping to the 48 connected, paypal only.
  2. TriangleDragon

    Super small 5L PC w/ full size GPU

    Hello all, I just thought I would post some details of a PC I recently built: The original case was an E Mini 2010 (£40), some modifications are necessary to fit a dual slot graphics card. To improve the appearance and reduce the dimensions of the case the front panel was replaced with a...
  3. Manny Calavera

    Need small monitor,that's 1080p or higher that's 7" to 10"....

    No bigger. And has a Hdmi , mini or full size connector, or displayport for hookup to a Windows PC. Any help would be greatly appreciated! thanx!
  4. F

    Project RAW v2.0 [Scratch ITX/mATX build]

    Hello So in the past year I have been doing some designing and creating some small cases in wood, acrylic, and aluminium. Some have failed, others worked great. However those that worked just wasn't good enough for me. But I think this one comes close :D It follows my last project: Project RAW...